Cat Toys Interactive Feather Teaser Wand Toy Set with 5 Refills Feathers Bird Catcher for Cats & Kitten
Price: $12.99
4.87 / 5   (23 Reviews)


My Kitten loves it!

13 Apr, 2018
My little kitten is so happy. This is his favorite toy. It has held up well ! read more »

Absolute must!

04 Apr, 2018
If you own cats, this should be on your purchase list. Very well made, and the cats love it!! read more »


31 Mar, 2018
cat loves these cute toys read more »

Cat seems to love it

09 Mar, 2018
I can't say this is perfect to but it is a pretty neat gift for a cat. My cat really enjoys having it dangle in front of her. My only issue is that the string came off very easily and I ended... read more »

Kitties Go KRAZY for This!

08 Mar, 2018
This toy was LOADS of fun! Because it has a swivel hook on it, changing out attachments is a snap, literally. One cat loved the feathers, while the other liked the poofy, rabbit-like attachment. I hsd... read more »

Great Cat toy teaser Wand!

14 Feb, 2018
My cats absolutely love this toy.  It has 5 different feathery refills to attach to the wand.  It is fun because once they get tired of one I just switch it up to something else and the game... read more »

lots of fun with feathers!

13 Feb, 2018
This cat toy needs assembled. It comes with 2 pieces of a pole and a connector piece for the center. A string hangs off the end with a clip to attach one of the 5 different feather attachments th... read more »

My cat is obsessed

13 Feb, 2018
These are wonderful for my cat! I love how long the wand is and the attachments are just great. He loves all of them and attacks them each equally. I love the variety and it's a great way to get h... read more »

Great cat toy

09 Feb, 2018
My cats go nuts for this! I love how many options there are and how easily they attach and they use a clip thing so they stay on and don’t pop off when my cat grabs the toy and tries to run away... read more »

Feather Wand

08 Feb, 2018
   My cat loved playing with this interchangeable wand!  The length is perfect and the quality is high. I really like how the toys attach to the pole.  The latch is very secure.&nb... read more »

cat loved it

07 Feb, 2018
great cat toys, my cat loved them all, and they have refills, hours and hours of fun for my cat, #rankbooster#cattoy read more »

Hours Of Fun!!

06 Feb, 2018
My cat was so excited when I showed her these new toys.. We played for hours! I loved how it came with 5 interchangable ends, you cat is guaranteed to never get bored! Shhipping time was fast and cust... read more »

Durable Wand and beautiful set of varying feather arrangements!

05 Feb, 2018
You get a soft handled metal pole,  a connector piece,  and an extention piece, that screws together to make it a long pole.  It easily unscrews to break it down to store it away o... read more »

cat toy

05 Feb, 2018
my cats love it to play with it but its a bit flimsy you should work on it but otherwise then that i actually like it read more »

3. Cats

01 Feb, 2018
We have 3 cats and they love this. I love that they are interchangeable read more »

Fun for your cat

01 Feb, 2018
My friend has a cat that is not very interested in toys. I got this Cat Wand Teaser Interactive Toy Dangler Rod by Pet Isle with natural feathers to hopefully get the cat playing. This set comes with... read more »

Clover loves it

29 Jan, 2018
Wow this you is soooo long. My daughter said it's like a fishing pole. It came with several different toys to enter change but we just put them all on at once and he plays and plays. They are very... read more »

Cat toy set with refills

29 Jan, 2018
This cat toy set is so great. It comes with 5 attachments to keep your cat entertained for hours. The whole thing is wonderful quality. My cat is obsessed with it. He comes up to me and meows at me un... read more »

Cat Toys

28 Jan, 2018
My cats love these feather toys especially my female kitten she is such a princess when it comes to feathers. She is constantly pulling these feather toys out of her toy box for me to wave around... read more »

Cat toy!

25 Jan, 2018
Great toy for a great price. My cats love it! read more »

These are so much fun to play with. My cat loves them.

25 Jan, 2018
These cat toys are amazing and stand up to a lot of claws in them. My cat has a ball with them. I watched my hubby play with the cat for a long time with this toy.  They were both having a blast.... read more »

fun toys

21 Jan, 2018
My cat loves this. THe fact that i can change out the tip is even better. She does not get bored with the string which is nice. My cat is 16 years old and started acting like a kitten when I set the t... read more »

#RankBoosterReview of Interactive Feather Toys for Cats

21 Dec, 2017
I have an indoor tabby cat that I try my best to keep active. It can be challenging since he is an indoor kitty and doesn't have as much chance to exercise as he would if he were an outdoor kitty.... read more »

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