12 Clear Corner Guards & Universal Cabinet Locks 2 Pack By AR4U: Ultimate Child Proofing Corner Protector Kit- Makes Home Safe for Babies and Toddlers.
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Great for child proofing!

25 Apr, 2021
These are wonderful! I have 2 special needs nephews who visit often and with those two rowdy boys, I had to child proof EVERY. SINGLE. CORNER. These little corner guards have saved those boys from som... read more »

works great

08 Apr, 2021
I am very pleased with these. As a mom of 2 toddlers, accidents happen with corners. These have saved us many injuries  read more »

Didn't stick

02 Feb, 2019
I got these to prevent my grandson from hitting his head on the corners of the coffee table.  Unfortunately, they didn't stick very well and kept falling onto the floor.  Tried using the... read more »


15 Nov, 2018
These are great for babyproofing my house for my nephews. They are both clumsy and I was afraid they would fall on a table so I wanted to be prepared. These work great. They are soft and flexible so i... read more »

worth every penny

06 Jul, 2018
These have saved my babies head a few times. We were debating on weather to throw out the table or keep it. We decided to keep it. I went online and ordered these and been prefect. She has ran into th... read more »

No more forehead lumps

05 Jun, 2018
My grandson has reached the walking stage and being as he hasn't mastered it yet, he's always toppling over.  These corner protectors are a godsend.  They were very easy to apply and... read more »


22 May, 2018
My friend just had a baby and didn’t think about all the sharp points around the house. So I bought these to help out and they have been a life saver. Just the other day he fell and hit his head... read more »

Corner Guards

20 May, 2018
This is great for protecting your children or even yourself from dangerous counter corners.  read more »

good quality

11 May, 2018
must for all new  babies and toddlers, all moms need this, #rankbooster#ar4u   read more »


10 May, 2018
I bought for my grand babies they are great.  read more »


28 Apr, 2018
Thank you! Quick shipping & great product read more »

Easy to use

22 Apr, 2018
easy to use  read more »

Does the job

19 Apr, 2018
Although these were a little hard to install, once they were installed they do exactly what they are made to do. read more »

Love the extras

17 Apr, 2018
I got these for a family member that is expecting. They fit all the sharp corners to protect and falls once the baby starts crawling and pulling up. They also included a couple drawer locks. Product&n... read more »

Great buy!

16 Apr, 2018
These were well worth it!  Stays on very strong, not too noticeable and did I mention very durable?!   Definitely recommend!  read more »

Love these!

16 Apr, 2018
very protective read more »

Works great

15 Apr, 2018
These work great for protecting little ones from hurting themselves on corners read more »

AR4U: Ultimate Child Proofing Corner Protector Ki

14 Apr, 2018
Love it , works and looks great #rankboosterreview#Sponsered#AR4U: Ultimate Child Proofing Corner Protector read more »

Look nice. Work great

10 Apr, 2018
Great product keep my kids safe from any corner. Very easy to install. read more »

Easy to Use

07 Apr, 2018
Easy to use. Stickers come with it, peel and place wherever you want. So far they seem pretty sturdy. It's a good value for the amount of corner protectors you get, and I can install them while I&... read more »


06 Apr, 2018
These saved my grandbaby many a bruised or cut head. Probably from stitches. So easy to put on all the sharp corners. read more »

Great for Toddlers!!!!

31 Mar, 2018
Great buy! These work perfectly on the sharp corners of my kitchen counters and furniture that is head level with my toddler! I wish I would of found these or even thought to buy them when my son... read more »

Great for protecting heads from sharp corners.

27 Mar, 2018
My youngest is a rough one and quite the Houdini. At a year he had the ability to open our safety gate that takes a 2 handed squeeze and lift to open. With that being said it is no surprise that withi... read more »

Plenty of Babyproofing items in one box

23 Mar, 2018
We have been foster parents for about 6 years now and are at a point where we are looking at stopping since we are in the process of adopting one. We want to give her a normal life without all of the... read more »

perfect for baby proofing house

21 Mar, 2018
This is a review of Corner Protector | Corner Guards | Baby Safety Locks By AR4U: Baby Proof Caring Corner Guards Perfect for Baby & Child Proofing This is an essential product for baby pr... read more »

Worth buying

19 Mar, 2018
I like these corner bumpers they are easy to put on and really stuck on too. An additional perk is that they are clear and not the least black ones that are foam.  read more »

#rankbooster #baby

15 Jan, 2018
Great stuff read more »


06 Jan, 2018
Great product! read more »

Keeping corners safe!

05 Jan, 2018
I purchased these to put on the corners of my dinning room table and kitchen counter so that my kids do not get hurt. They are wonderful! Easy to install and keeps my little ones safe! read more »

Child proofing

02 Jan, 2018
12 Clear Corner Guards & Universal Cabinet Locks 2 Pack - These are great for child proofing your home . I don't really care for the cabinet locks but the silicone guards are great and easy to... read more »


02 Jan, 2018

Great idea

31 Dec, 2017
Love this the stickers were a little tough to fi ger out for the corner pieces but other then that they work great read more »


31 Dec, 2017
I have one of the locks on my bathroom cabinet they are easy to open for adults and pretty sturdy I tugged on it a few times to make sure it was sturdy and it was  read more »

bump it

31 Dec, 2017
well,  no more snags.  I got these for my supervisors desk.  they work perfectly.  he won't have to worry about his daughter hitting het head either.   read more »

Safe covers

26 Dec, 2017
These are easy to apply and stay on great. Love the product read more »

Helps you to keep the little ones safe

24 Dec, 2017
12 Clear Corner Guards & Universal Cabinet Locks 2 Pack By AR4U: Ultimate Child Proofing Corner Protector Kit- Makes Home Safe for Babies and Toddlers. Ar4u These are very simple yet effect... read more »

#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #AR4U

18 Nov, 2017
I bought these for a gift for a baby shower. The person I bought them for seems to like them. They make the corners of the tables much softer and less likely for a child to get injured on. read more »

As expected

17 Nov, 2017
These work as expected. They havent slipped off. Good quality.  read more »

A must have

16 Nov, 2017
I love how simple these are to use the straps just pop in and you place them on your drawers and the baby can't open them anymore and the corner guards are awesome they are small and come with adh... read more »

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