Renfox Dog Food Ball Tumbler Interactive Dog Toys Food Dispenser Treat Ball Dogs Pet IQ Treat Ball Bite Toys Chewing Food Ball Feeding Training Puppy for Dogs and Cats
Price: £8.99
4.81 / 5   (202 Reviews)


nice one :)

16 Apr, 2019
i have not tried yet. they look good enough to bite. read more »

Excellent value for money

07 Apr, 2019
These dusk masks are excellent value for money, A full 20 pack woud last me a year as a home user. I can use them on DIY obs around the house, To keep dust and wood away from my face, Aswell as using... read more »

Solid build, very comfortable and attached sacks is super convenient

03 Apr, 2019
I have two dogs, and one loves to bite on a lead if it's dangly, so this retractable lead has been wonderful. He can't get ahold of it to chew through it.  The break and hold feature is g... read more »

Very good

30 Mar, 2019
Good Material, the bits all fit my sons nerf guns without issue. A very nice kit that will certainly make him happy on his Birthday. The glasses are very welcome read more »

Incredibly hard wearing, keeps coffee hot for hours, looks way more expensive than the price reflects.

26 Mar, 2019
I ordered this for one of my employees who was constantly complaining of making coffee and then forgetting about it, then it would be cold.  This came beautifully presented so it made a real... read more »


24 Mar, 2019
Such a great idea. My kid loves this nerf kit and vest. Has everything you need and also keeps it tidy and together. read more »

Lovely headphones

23 Mar, 2019
came packaged In a nice presentation box so perfectto gift  headphones are well constructed, sleek and impressive to look at... paired with my phone immediately after a first charge  c... read more »

Washes very well

22 Mar, 2019
I bought this long time ago, and now after a while i can say that it wahses well, it is still comfirtable for my girl and also colours are still bright. Thats what i was looking for! We use pajamas fo... read more »

Great fun

21 Mar, 2019
This is a great size pack and has everything you need great for any kid who loves nerf guns lots pof fun to be had playing nerf wars comes with jacket to store bullets and comes with plenty of them. T... read more »

Very handy

13 Mar, 2019
Very handy, no need to fight over who has the charger now  read more »


09 Mar, 2019
Good quality, seems very well made, good price too I would recomend the seller as the delivery was very quick The packaging was also very good , the item was very easy to use Definately worth... read more »


09 Mar, 2019
Good quality, seems very well made, good price too read more »


09 Mar, 2019
Good quality, seems very well made, good price too read more »

so cute!

08 Mar, 2019
very well made high quality and appears very expensive lovely cute design a lovely gift for any child read more »

Blue Tooth Earbuds

07 Mar, 2019
This item was delivered quickly and I was excited to get to use the product.  The earbuds came in a nice little case.  Im not very good at technology so was unsure as to how difficult these... read more »

I'd be lost without it now

24 Feb, 2019
A great gadget a must have by Omars , this USB C  Hub is 8 in 1 it has  micro SD & SD card slots,  an RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port, an HDMI, a VGA, 2 x USB 3.0 ports. The hub is ni... read more »

TWS Bluetooth earbuds

24 Feb, 2019
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored#LOBKIN   I'm very impressed with these earbuds. I didn't know what to expect given the mixed review... read more »


24 Feb, 2019
Bought for my friends son who absolutely adores dinosaurs! Whilst we werent sure about the egg in the pack the rest is absolutely amazing, and even better the little boy it was bought for loved it.... read more »

It looks and feels well made and durable.

19 Feb, 2019
Although is adapter is apparently designed for the macbook, it works well without drivers with my standard PC with Windows 10 to give three usb3 ports and one gigabit network port. Apparently the... read more »

Portable 2 in 1 Ceramic Cordless Curling Wand, Rechargeable, with USB Charging by Sembelle

18 Feb, 2019
I noticed this mini portable curling wand because of its size and possibility to recharge and to use cordless. I thought this to be the best birthday present for my daughter who travels a lot. The cur... read more »

Fabulous idea

14 Feb, 2019
We have one of these type of activity sets for every holiday season pretty much and my daughter absolutely loved them  every day she’s rearranging and creating a different scene ... feed... read more »

Brilliant headphones

30 Jan, 2019
Bought these to use on my PS4 and they don't disappoint they sound quality is brilliant and the microphone works really well. read more »

Perfect Bundle

25 Jan, 2019
I got these for my daughter who loves baking cakes. I was surprised just how much was included. This is a fabulous set for any baker. I must buy.   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Jerbr... read more »

Lovely set and good value.

13 Jan, 2019
These lights are gorgeous. They have 3 modes - off, on and flashing. I don't find the flashing one much use, but if that's what you like then it is nice for you to have that option available.... read more »

Great item

08 Jan, 2019
First experience of purchasing this item and it’s very good quality, simple hard plastic drive enclosure, delivered quickly and a great price.. I replaced my laptop hdd with an ssd and i us... read more »

Lovely PJs

07 Jan, 2019
Love this Litbud Pjs designs I will nearly complete all for girls. One of the cutest is this owl design with polka dots trousers. I just always make sure I order one size higher. I have a big size bab... read more »

there ok

29 Dec, 2018
there ok but not very well made  read more »

The signal is excellent with a good bass sound

29 Dec, 2018
This blueooth transmitter has plenty to offer with 2 USB ports, On and off dial that controls the volume, Tune up and down buttons and comes with an AUX cable, In case i need to use a non blueooth dev... read more »

Useful for eyelash growth, hair health and general health usage.

20 Dec, 2018
  Castor oil is good for Acne treatment: The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil, I find makes it a very useful tool in the products in use in figh... read more »


18 Dec, 2018
I have used a lot of LED strips in my time this has far exceeded the quality of the other cheaper ones i have used (doesnt compare to the high end strips though, philips etc) i have a 65" tv and... read more »

Easy to use

17 Dec, 2018
So easy to use. We also used boiled them cooled water which made them almost crystal clear.  The kids loved them. We have started to make them for xmas and store in a tub.  read more »

Natura Pur Organic Castor Oil natural serum for eyelashes, eyebrows, hair, skin and nails

12 Dec, 2018
The castor oil has been used as a healing remedy since ancient times. It is extracted from the tree called Ricinus Communis. The Natura Pur castor oil is extracted from cold-pressed seeds from the tre... read more »

Fantastic tracker !

07 Dec, 2018
I previousy purchased many trackers from amazon .. some of them were ok some of them were so so ... and some of them completely rubbish ..I also own good blood pressure monitor and compared to  m... read more »

Sizing is extremely small.

06 Dec, 2018
I have given 2 stars for this 4 pack of tops, only because the material seems good quality.  However, the XL sizes purchased would barely fit a 9-10 yr old. Comes in black, white, grey and... read more »


01 Dec, 2018
Its good but not the best, feels like felt and quite small, managed to fit a few toys in.. easy to put up and store away tho read more »

Nice feel

01 Dec, 2018
Nice quality look and feel to this razor comes in a handy carry case easy to install the required blade (not supplied of course) and with a good price tag. read more »

Excelent results

26 Nov, 2018
Ease of use , main device very well built and the accesories as well , no issues encounetered . read more »

Good quality and comfy ear phones

24 Nov, 2018
#rankbooster #sponsered #Arino   my son love these , he finds them very padded and comfy. He us... read more »

Nice and sleek looks more expensive than it is.

23 Nov, 2018
I love this lighter. If your like me and you forget what you need to the shop then kick yourself coz you forgot a lighter,then this is for you. I like the fact there isn't a flame. All in all grea... read more »

Saves fighting to get loads of cubes out of a normal tray

21 Nov, 2018
Adds a bit of fun to the kids drinks, easier than fighting with an ice cube tray to get enough out for one drink. Would recommend. read more »

Super soft!

21 Nov, 2018
Super soft! Super warm! Lovely designs! However didn't do small enough for my son! I'll be keeping them though for how luxurious they are! read more »

Really easy to fit and look great

18 Nov, 2018
These strip lights need to be handling carefully whilst installing to make sure they don't disconnect but once fitted they stay in place with the double sided adhesive tape.  Remote control f... read more »

Awesome halloween costume

12 Nov, 2018
This is so awesome, fit is great and quality is amazing. Everyone was really impressed read more »

Perfect for any Llama lover

11 Nov, 2018
This is  brilliant jumper,the colours are so vivid with the material holding the print ass oppose to it being a stuck on print so I am confident that even with regular washing it would peel or be... read more »


09 Nov, 2018
Really good product for the price, works perfectly so far with none of the issues desribed for similar cheaper wireless chargers.  read more »

Great set

08 Nov, 2018
Really good set very well made heavy duty  set  my son loves it well recommended excellent  read more »

Love them

03 Nov, 2018
Great colour and fit really well. The colour is great. Haven't washed them yet, but hope they will wash ok as I really like them. read more »

VBIGER Poncho de punto de Las Mujeres Elegante para Invierno

03 Nov, 2018
When this arrived I was over the moon well made and so soft and looks good on. read more »

Love this mouse better than most well known manufactures.

02 Nov, 2018
I have tried too many well known named wireless mice in the past and always felt underwhelmed. This is the firt wireless mouse I have found that actually competes with a wired mouse. It is very com... read more »


30 Oct, 2018
Brought these for my son on his PlayStation 4 so while he is playing Fortnite and it sounded like I had billions of children in there before these god send of headphones read more »

Great for the price.

27 Oct, 2018
Really good quality gaming headphones for the price. Good sound and mic worked well.  read more »


26 Oct, 2018
What good ideas been putting g fruit in mine and my kids love it too Def would recommend  read more »

Best brush ever!

23 Oct, 2018
The brush is very similar to Coat King which is three times the price! Buy this, you won't be dissapointed!  read more »

Larger than you think

21 Oct, 2018
What a great idea, it is easy to put together and undo to put away for space saving. (If you are lucky enough to catch up with your laundry!!!!) It is a great size, great material and idiot proof t... read more »

Few Little Bad Points Or Would be Excellent Mouse

20 Oct, 2018
I purchased thisa mouse to go with my sons headphone as same colour everything matches and he likes that sort of thing, but the power charging cable is in a really hard place to get to...? It would be... read more »

Fantastic gift!

20 Oct, 2018
This would make a fantastic gift! My son LOVES it!! Really good quality, affordable price too! #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Tydow read more »


18 Oct, 2018

Very Thin

17 Oct, 2018
Exactly as pictured for print quality and design cant fault that at all, sizing very accurate but the material is extremely thin and see through you would have to wear something underneath this (unles... read more »

dog bed

12 Oct, 2018
great design, highly washable and great quality for the price read more »

Great Toy

09 Oct, 2018
Arrived quickly and well packaged.  A great toy for a gift for both boys and girls.  Lots of different combinations with the many pieces included, many hours of entertainment..  Easy to... read more »

Very nice

08 Oct, 2018
I bought these socks for my little daughter. You get in the pack 5 different styles of socks. They are all very cute designs. What I like about these socks the most is that they have the non slip litt... read more »


06 Oct, 2018
Very nive halloween costume for women. Its looks very nice. Perfect size. Very good quality. Recommended  read more »

Well made and sturdy

04 Oct, 2018
Bought this for a present for my little boy and was pleasantly surprised with how nice it is. It goes together easily just slotting into place, you get a bag of fish which have little magnets in an... read more »

Love this - my new hobby!

01 Oct, 2018
I had always wanted a telescope the stars really interest me, I know quite a few and wanted to locate them myself. So after a while of looking I finally got one and I'm glad I did it's so good... read more »

Every car should have one!

30 Sep, 2018
I bought this as every year I have starting issue with my car (some are my fault we’re I leave interior lights on) :/    This starts my 3.2lt diesel 4WD with ease and multiple ti... read more »

Works great

28 Sep, 2018
This is just so easy to use and has provided a huge amount of reassurance during baby's first few weeks, especially after jabs, through colds, etc. The readings are very accurate and I love that i... read more »


28 Sep, 2018
Fast Wireless Charging: 10W high output power of this wireless charger makes sure that the charging speed will be faster than other 5W products. The charging time for iPhone work a treat , small compa... read more »

Works as desribed

27 Sep, 2018
Good quality and size , light is bright ,looks fantastic on driveway ! read more »


26 Sep, 2018
Purchased this because I’m fed up of trying to carry everything separately and dropping this and that on my walk to yoga...  Brilliant bag for all your yoga needs! I bought the this on... read more »

Rotating Make Up Organiser.

22 Sep, 2018
This is a great organiser, it fully rotates so it's easy to find what you are looking for. Not only is mine used for make up, perfumes, moisturisers, cotton wool balls and the likes... read more »

AMAZING. I would give it 10 stars if I could.

21 Sep, 2018
I got this for my husband for his birthday. He doesn't smoke a lot, once a month or so, but I saw a friend who had one and knowing my husband loves cool gadgets like this I thought it would be a g... read more »

Very nice and very good

19 Sep, 2018
Very good socks for girls. Very beautiful and very good quality. Super soft. Size is perfect. Recommended. Coming very fast.  read more »

Nice Quality

14 Sep, 2018
Straight out of the box this feels quality, ergonomically comfortable and very sturdy. Single button lock and release makes it very easy to use with just your thumb while holding the rest of the handl... read more »

Wooden puzzle

09 Sep, 2018
This is brilliant for travelling as it’s in a wooden box the kids absolutely love this. read more »

Fantastic Solar Lights

08 Sep, 2018
These lights are excellent.  I bought these as an addition to ones I’d already purchased placed elsewhere in the garden.  They emit a lovely soft warm glow. I live in a dark skies ar... read more »

colour is changing slighly

08 Sep, 2018
got this for my girl and her best friend. they are only 8 and BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE as they say. they both likes it very much. but i have noticed that colour is slighly changing - maybe from skin cont... read more »

Soil tester

08 Sep, 2018
Good quality works great #rankboosterreview #soiltester #INKERSCOOP read more »

Cool Cooler

07 Sep, 2018
This thing worked better than i thought it would, my laptop was shutting down after long periods of gaming but since buying this it is not a problem anymore. read more »

All good

05 Sep, 2018
Not the best of quality available but safe and fun for your dogs and to be fair not the highest of prices, a hit for sure and well worth it. read more »

Love these!

04 Sep, 2018
purchased this for my hubby as part of his birthday present from the dog!! There are many designs and I purchased more than one  The item itself is well made, of nice medium thickness quality... read more »

Perfect for husband

04 Sep, 2018
Ordered this fitness tracker for my husband. Now I can see how much time he sleeps as he always tired. Helps to monitor his heart rate too (he has some heart problems). Very good quality I would say.... read more »

Fantastic for privacy on all webcam devices

04 Sep, 2018
This is a useful gadget, Helping to keep your privacy form any intrusive users of your webcam. Relax in peace knowing your face can not be seen, And nothing can be recorded unless you slide the webcam... read more »


03 Sep, 2018
fantastic, work great and use it to keep an on my heart rate in the gym  read more »

My cat loved working this toy out

02 Sep, 2018
Areived fast as promised, I actually bought it for my cat and filled it with dreamers for her. After a while of playing with it and watching me tilting it back and forth to make treats fall out she ma... read more »

Good quality, good size, good value

02 Sep, 2018
These are strong and large enough to hold quite a bit. One basket holds 2 packs of nappies, 6 packs of wipes, creams and lotions, nappy sacks and a few other bits, perfect for nappy changes for my tod... read more »

Compatible with iPhone 8

31 Aug, 2018
Brilliant product for the money. And is compatible with my iPhone Build quality is very good, the material is soft but strong and strap  adjusts for almost all wrist sizes. Screen... read more »

Solar light

29 Aug, 2018
Good quality solar light, it comes with 2 opinions you can either hang it up or use the spike provided to put it in the ground, i choose to hang it up it lovely  it comes already charged so can u... read more »

This Mini Power Bank Packs A Useful 5000mAh Capacity

28 Aug, 2018
I'm testing this mini power bank from eeco which thanks to it's small size which could be carried in a jacket pocket without taking up too much room or being too heavy. Also despite only measu... read more »

Got for camping in my caravan

27 Aug, 2018
Nice little antrnan not that visable really good signal.     #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #INKERSCOOP read more »


27 Aug, 2018
Iove this solar powered garden lantern so much. It's powered by the sun, free lighting is always a good thing. Its made of metal so should last a while. It can hang up, sit in a flat surf... read more »

Back pack

26 Aug, 2018
Love all the colours and it’s well made very happpy with product read more »

Great Mirror

25 Aug, 2018
Beautiful modern design, sleek metallic finish and a magnifying mirror that rotates 360 degrees. Very practical for application of makeup and general skincare. Fits well with any decor, very good qual... read more »


22 Aug, 2018
excellent water bottle.  Great for long car journeys & sports alike.  Large capacity & easy use drinking spout.  read more »

LED Solar Garden Lantern with Carved Retro Chrysanthemum Flowers by Renfox

20 Aug, 2018
This solar garden lantern by Renfox is made of metal carved with a design representing Chrysanthemum flowers. The solar panel is situated on top of the lantern and can be easily removed.  At the... read more »

Wow wow wow

20 Aug, 2018
Wow love this so much they are so biggest than I thought such a good gift x read more »

great buy , bang on trend

18 Aug, 2018
TUONROAD's Multi functional resistance headband does exactly what it says , it is multi functional , it can be used from a hairband , balaclava hat liner wrist band do rag neckchief headband cap h... read more »


17 Aug, 2018
I always go for watches with the day and date aswell as time, I need to these days, I needed a new one and I love how clear the digits are on this watch. How long it will last who knows? It comes in a... read more »


16 Aug, 2018
exactky what I needed fits all medicines in not scattered in draws love it  read more »

My amazing rotating holder.

13 Aug, 2018
I needed new organiser,to put all my toiletries,because my old one is broken. I bought this organizer and I'm so happy. It is one of the best purchases. Great design,very strong and sturdy,easy t... read more »

Fantastic container which helps to keep my q tips and cotton pads organised

11 Aug, 2018
Fantastic container which helps to keep my q tips and cotton pads organised, It also has a handy u shaped gap so i can pull out cotton pads easily and quickly when i need them. This handy little gadge... read more »

bargain find

10 Aug, 2018
I love this, so easy to put your mat into. And it is nice to carry its dig into you.  Perfect bargain find.  read more »


10 Aug, 2018
This is brilliant, Does what it says and more.  Its good quality, and it is perfect for the price.  i would highly recommend it to everyone.  read more »


10 Aug, 2018
Beautiful pink colour, veru large and quality is very good Comes win an instruction how to set up a lock I am very pleased with orginiser and going to use for medicine and will keep aw... read more »

Winter jacket

09 Aug, 2018
: quick delivery was here when i expected it to be. :Lovely looking and stylish. : great quilty for price  :colour is really nice  Feels comfortable when on its not heavy so woul... read more »

Worth a try

01 Aug, 2018
Fed up of walking everywhere and not losing any weight I decided to buy these. It's still too early to say whether I am going to see any positive results but after a week of taking them I haven... read more »

Great Quality

01 Aug, 2018
much better quality than the cheap cables you can get elsewhere online  read more »

Holes need to be smaller

01 Aug, 2018
I was looking forward to using this as my previous diffusers haven't worked properly the holes were too big, or they were just faulty. I like the silicone feel of it and it's easy to clean.... read more »

Very good for non-pro usage

30 Jul, 2018
Very good set of tools. So many useful tools in one great set and for a good price. My one complaint is that one of the screwdriver tips partially broke off quickly as I was working on my computer, wo... read more »

Good HDMI cable.

26 Jul, 2018
  Good premium HDMI cable, works perfectly with our blue ray player. Good value for money and recommended. read more »

Very professional, sturdy

25 Jul, 2018
This product is amazing. The tripod is very adaptable, the legs feel like they're made of a very high quality material.  The box it comes in is very nice and well packaged. It's easy t... read more »

My cat says 5 stars

21 Jul, 2018
My cat is in love with this bed, he has barely been away from it since it arrived. It is lovely and padded and the cloth outer is brilliant, it seems to remain cool instead of absorbing the heat fo... read more »

Love this

20 Jul, 2018
This is an excellent toy and exceed what i actually thought it was going to be like! Toys are bigger than i expected which is great and the fishing rod is chunky. The hoops over the fish are a decent... read more »

Race track

17 Jul, 2018
My grandson loves this race track its brilliant and colourful and with the lights on the cars it looks amazing, he loves it that much he cries when he cant play with it #RankBoosterReview #ledcars #gl... read more »


17 Jul, 2018
got for my friend as he broke his and he loves them wort the price also  read more »

Impressive look

16 Jul, 2018
Nice comfortable adjustable fit, look very nice and most of all a protective must to look after your eyes. read more »

Great quality fast response wireless mouse!

11 Jul, 2018
Great quality,  looks very smart and has a quick sensor on it too! Doesn't lag and is a great price for a well known name! 5* product #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Philips read more »

Really cool

26 Jun, 2018
Purchased this to light up some playareas in the kids just love a light and this was perfect it was the length I needed. Changed colour remotely and was superb value...... read more »

Doe's the job well

19 Jun, 2018
Allescool 3in1 Soil Tester Moisture Meter  will  read the  soil Moisture, PH and Light levels and is exstremely easy to use , place the two probes into soil around 2 to 4 inches and wa... read more »

Popcorn Maker

19 Jun, 2018
Its very easy to use this great silicon popcorn maker. Beautiful blue colour . Good quality.  Quick make popcorn and ready to eat. Amazing. read more »

Fantastic bit of kit

19 Jun, 2018
This is fantastic for the price. The only thing we have found it doesn’t work on is landrovers but it sorted our neighbours car out straight away!    read more »

Really good from few days using

17 Jun, 2018
I really love these pens. Always nice to have a spare pack. You can do from fine details to hold ones nice for sketching bullet journaling and lettering. My wife is artist and she ''approved&#... read more »

Works well

16 Jun, 2018
Trying to find ways of saving money all round the house and my hubby found this  considering the pond Pump is constantly on this seemed a great start to save some pennies  our pond isn... read more »

A Nicely Designed Dog Bed

13 Jun, 2018
#RankBoosterReview # Sponsored by Pecute - This is an eye-catching dog crate/bed, which is perfect for my dog and he loves sleeping in it. I was... read more »

Dog bowls

13 Jun, 2018
Great dog bowls, great for small pets, it stops the mess on your carpet or floor and the rubber mat is waterproof and easy to wipe down when finished with #DogBowl #RankBoosterReview #comederos read more »

work well and happy

08 Jun, 2018
I love these! I was planning on buying beauty light bulbs for my dressing table mirror but these were so much cheaper and when they are on work just the same or even better! They are not the prettiest... read more »

Excellent quality, perfect for the job!

07 Jun, 2018
I bought this for my mum who with bad knees, is having trouble cleaning her own feet in the bath as she can't bend her knees very well.  This is exactly what she needed to give her her indepe... read more »

Happy dogs !!

31 May, 2018
We’ve had some beautiful weather of late... some may say a bit too hot but that’s because we’re never happy!  Whilst some of us humans love it a lot of our poochy buddies don... read more »

Gaming head set universal

30 May, 2018
Upon buying this headset i thought it looked great reviews were pretty good aswell.  Im a very honest reviewer so im not gonna suger coat things! Recieved item in good timing, boxing looked... read more »

Brilliant pens, they do the job well

30 May, 2018
These pens aren't the best quality I've ever had (they just feel a bit cheap) but they are well worth the price and do the job well, so nothing more you can ask for! I like fine liner pen... read more »

Jinlun Rechargeable Electric Arc Windproof Lighter

28 May, 2018
I recently saw someone with one of these electronic lighters and asked her what it was and she showed me it and I thought it was a neat gadget . Although I don't smoke cigarettes I still like to h... read more »

good for frangrance free

28 May, 2018
It does exactly what is supposed to do. No smell to it, good for frangrance free homes   read more »


27 May, 2018
love this set of 2 pet food bowls... For our new puppy dog!  they come well packed and were a perfect size for my puppy who isn’t going to grow into a massive animal I like the f... read more »


25 May, 2018
purchased this for my puppies cage as I’m giving it a makeover .... I’ve always placed blankets and a cushion in there but he’s forever scrabbling to sort it and never looks ove... read more »

Multipurpose and easy to use thermometer

23 May, 2018
Great indoor humidity thermometer. It displays time and date, also you can set an alarm, so really multipurpose. The best feature is it displays how comfortable your environment is for a living, so yo... read more »

They feel good quality but they just do not work. A new valve design would fix this.

20 May, 2018
At first, I was going to give this item 4 stars as these vacuum bags do feel like really good quality (up to the same standard as my expensive vacuum bags), but that star rating started to fall after... read more »

A Cool Looking Set of Gaming Headphones for Gaming Addicts

17 May, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored by ONIKUMA  This is a set of eye-catching and very funky looking gaming headphones, which works pe... read more »

Fantastic Idea

14 May, 2018
Arrived promptly and packaged well.  This is just such a good idea and helps to get children to tidy up after themselves.  Children can play with their toys for hours and then just collect t... read more »


10 May, 2018
Very pleased . came in a box, very well packed   read more »


08 May, 2018
The bags come sensibly and securely packaged. As I have not used yet I amcurrently reviewing purely on first appearance and test. These bags are not branded and seem thinner than previous brande... read more »

Simple to use, easy to clean & kids love it

07 May, 2018
The Microwave Silicone Popcorn Maker Collapsible Bowl with Handles was delivered in a timely manner and was well packaged to protect it from damage during shipping. I am impressed with this microwa... read more »

Time to be creative!

04 May, 2018
Purchased this for my sons drama costume  He has very sensitive skin so face painting and decorating wasn’t an option  it’s great quality, sturdy and fits perfectly to the... read more »

Amazing pens

04 May, 2018
Amazing pens great for writing and colouring they do a great job and great to get 10colours  read more »


30 Apr, 2018
love this brush... my daughter brought one and I loved it so I got my own one its very light but don’t let that fool you, it’s super quality and the bristles are gentle on the hair but... read more »

I love this rope light !

29 Apr, 2018
Purchased this for my stairs as they are so dark and I don’t want the light on as it’s too bright but wanted something to allow kids to see what they’re doing and where they’re... read more »

Bigger than expected.

28 Apr, 2018
Got this to stop a tree growing into the side of my shed, my shed and tree are a bit too close together but they look nice next to each other so will be using this now and again to stop the... read more »

Hand saw

25 Apr, 2018
Good quality hand saw easy to use, it brilliant how you can fold it to cover the blade when finished, #RankBoosterReview #handsaw #Allescool read more »

For BBQs at night!

24 Apr, 2018
Have purchased these all ready for our first caravan holiday this year  we always seem to want to grill and eat late at night... after a little drinkie poos and when it’s dark it difficu... read more »

An originally designed make up mirror with light and 3 magnifying panels by Noto

19 Apr, 2018
This table make up mirror by Noto has 4 panels with the following magnifications: a middle and right panel of 1x magnification, a left panel magnifying 2x and 3x times and an extra mirror, round which... read more »

Great for role play

18 Apr, 2018
my daughter loves role play, if you’re not getting a medical Check up then she’ll be busy at her kitchen Making ‘donner’ ... she’s got a few bits but now she’s... read more »

compressed reusable storage bags for clothes

16 Apr, 2018
I use them for traveling! fantastic, no need for hoover you can take a little pump with you to hotel and you're sorted! I would buy again! I would recommend! Please hit "yes" if my re... read more »

Good value Alintor Silicone waffle moulds

15 Apr, 2018
This waffle making kit by Alintor comes with two moulds to make waffles. One mould is a square shape and results in 4 waffles and the other one is a heart shaped mould giving 5 waffles. The moulds are... read more »

Lovely easy to use rotating cake stand

15 Apr, 2018
This is a lovely easy to use roating cake stand, I needed for making birthday cakes for my child to decorate as the last one I purchased had a base that slipped when using, However this one has slip p... read more »

Gourmet Burgers at a fraction of the price!

10 Apr, 2018
I absolutely love this item and am super happy that I have added it to my kitchen appliances. I eat both meat and veggie patties and this device is useful for both. I made turkey burgers stuffed with... read more »


08 Apr, 2018
This has got to be my most favourite make up/ beaut storage ever!! It truly is like the tardis of containers and I still look at it in wonder and shocked my how much stuff I’ve managed to store... read more »

works well

06 Apr, 2018
Everyone has that favourite jumper  or item of clothing they can't part with and so do I but it doe's look like it should be throw away but after using  Alintor's  ... read more »

Very nice colours

04 Apr, 2018
Very nice colours, smooth writing with these pens. Me and my daughter love it. read more »

Pruning cutters for the garden

03 Apr, 2018
My mum received these today and she told me that they were hard to open at first but once open they are very sharp and cut the branches really well. read more »

Awesome lights.

26 Mar, 2018
These led lights work a treat even if plugged in a power bank. I haven't quite decided just yet as if I want to use them on the arcade as they do look great, or if I am going to put them on my bed... read more »

Great ambience

24 Mar, 2018
Saw this little light on amazon and had to have it... seemed ideal for my spare bedroom which I use as a chill out room... it’s soft and natural decor in there but sometimes it’s nice to h... read more »


23 Mar, 2018
perfect for decorating cakes, very smooth and easy to move to move around. Very happy with purchase.     read more »

Fantastic toy for their imagination

21 Mar, 2018
I purchased this because my 4 year old just loves games and toys where you can make things and build things... really used her imagination and is so creative... she squealed with Delight when this arr... read more »

A life saver

20 Mar, 2018
 Now I love my pooch but when he gets in my car he drives me nuts... especially if he’s muddy because he just can’t it in himself to keep still or lay down and as a result my car... read more »

I love the extra accessories that comes with it

20 Mar, 2018
This is a lovely cake turntable and what I love about it more is that it comes with designing accessories as well which you don’dont usually get from other brand. It’s easy to use it... read more »

cake making must have

15 Mar, 2018
I was dubious about this item sue to it's price but after purchasing I can not believe I ever do8bted the quality of this item it is brilliant I can now ice my cakes like a professional and now I... read more »

This is amazing!!!

15 Mar, 2018
This little gadget really makes a big difference to red wine.  Simply hold it over your glass, pour the wine & it does the job that leaving a bottle to air would do in seconds.  Th... read more »

Great Lights

14 Mar, 2018
These lights are brilliant.  I use them in the garden as part of a landscape feature.  The colours are great & the different settings on the remote control are really good. the... read more »

Absolutely fantastic

14 Mar, 2018
I must say I am very impressed with the cake decorating turntable. It has loads of features. It has some lock to keep it from spinning. Anti slip pads for putting a cake base on for easy removal. Rubb... read more »

Great item

08 Mar, 2018
Thus is a great item built well and very easy to use. Hard wearing and durable Would highly recommend read more »

Beautiful Modern Wall Hanging Photo Frame.

07 Mar, 2018
This beautiful 12 X 8.5" " acrylic wall hanging photo frame comes with fittings and magnets which provide aesthetically pleasing decoration. It is easy to put up the instructions are... read more »

Lovely Acrylic Photo Frame.

07 Mar, 2018
This acrylic picture frame comes sensibly packaged. It will hold a 5X 7" photo, or two, as it is transparent, it can be viewed from both sides, and display it beautifully. Each side is 10mm... read more »

perfect for learner or professional

04 Mar, 2018
This cake turntable by Lavandin is really good , it came with a flower making kit too , the stainless steel flower nail , 10 piping bags 2 different nozzles and a coupler . The turntable goes around s... read more »


02 Mar, 2018
These  rose string lights by Luxjet are really pretty and romantic and can be hung in many different styles as well as places for decoration . I have placed them around my mirror and then a pictu... read more »

Great product

02 Mar, 2018
Great for using up all those bits of wax that get left in the bottom of the holder as well as for all your crafting needs. There are 3 different lengths so can be used in a number of different size co... read more »

Paradox shape sorter toy box

02 Mar, 2018
Love it look really nice soft wood nice to touch would highly recommend this colourful very eye catching learning made fun  read more »

Excellent Premium Cake Stand.

02 Mar, 2018
This rotating cake stand by Lavandin comes sensibly packaged and in it's own presentation box. It is a good size measuring 30.5 x 30.5 x 7.6 cm and weighs 645g. It is grey in colour with w... read more »

LUXJET Multipurpose originally designed USB rechargeable LED light

25 Feb, 2018
The LED rechargeable book light from LUXJET is made of rubber and has an inbuilt 850mAh Lithium battery. This light has an ergonomic and original design. It can be hung around the neck and its two fle... read more »

Beautiful Rose Lights

24 Feb, 2018
This light set is lovely.  Im very surprised by how well the roses are made. I expected them to be hard plastic but they’re soft. Give a lovely glow.  Great price & really go... read more »

Needed these!

18 Feb, 2018
So we don’t suffer terribly with damp etc but i noticed while sorting out my wardrobe that some of the clothes at the back were smelling a little musky and some shoes show some mild di... read more »

Great Quality Apron

31 Jan, 2018
Bought this as a gift.  Item quality is fantastic, brilliantly made & the 2 pockets will certainly come in handy.  Recommeded.  read more »

well made

27 Jan, 2018
great item work real good used it for my microphone , well made real strong cable sound quality is good, no back ground noise, strong and well fitted joints fit like a glove to my microphone what more... read more »

works well

24 Jan, 2018
These portable LED  tent light bulbs for camping are a great idea and come in a two pack , these could be used for literally anything and after my daughter has been  on her camping trip with... read more »

Not too bulky but still well protected

11 Jan, 2018
Most of the cases for my delicate new iPhone X are almost armour plated because I was paranoid about breaking it if dropped... I still am because of it’s all glass design but after searchin... read more »

Magnetic ring phone holder

28 Dec, 2017
Brilliant. Great as it helps hold onto your phone while taking a photo with one hand.  Can also be used with in car magnetic phone holder. read more »

Nice but don’t fit

27 Dec, 2017
This little harness is very well made and is sturdy and durable with superb stitching and material its also a very nice stylish colour and on your pooch it would look nice and makes walking easier... read more »

Great value and quality

23 Dec, 2017
purchased this as a gift.... I wanted something long lasting stylish and useful This strap didn’t disappoint in any way... it came securely wrapped and when I opened it it not only looked goo... read more »

Exactly what I needed!!

19 Dec, 2017
Fast, next-day delivery. Quick to set up & link to phone. Clear sound & lots of user-friendly buttons. I really needed this as my old 1 was on it's way out & I use mine every day. It c... read more »


16 Dec, 2017
Lovely snowflakes, soo glittery its fab. Exactly same as in picture. A must for any Christmas tree. Great snowflakes!  read more »

Bath time fun

15 Dec, 2017
my daughter played with this till the water was cold in he bath tonight ... this cam packaged in a nice box and I was goin g to give it to her for Christmas but decided to give her it warly inside... read more »

Fab for mugig fans

11 Dec, 2017
My step dad loves mugig accessories and equipment  he has so much of their stuff and swears by it because it’s great value and long lasting this strap is no exception and it’s m... read more »

Great for podcasts

07 Dec, 2017
Great replacement microphone to use for my podcasts. Being able to mount it to my desk is just perfect. Very simple set up. To use this to its full potential, you will need to use Phantom Power.... read more »


07 Dec, 2017
Admittedly probably one of the most annoying items ever given to one if my children to use yet an amazing product. Amazing top notch item will definately be recommending this read more »

Good value

06 Dec, 2017
Purchased for my music loving bass playing friend who’s always going on about how he needs a new bag but doesn’t have the time to get one (apparently) searched amazon and found this tha... read more »

brilliant quality

03 Dec, 2017
Brilliant guitar strap by Mugig , this strap has high quality nylon material which is  fully adjustable length from 44.5" to 70.1" and 2" width  also has leather ends whi... read more »

Great descaller

03 Dec, 2017
quick delivery. Thanks.  read more »


27 Nov, 2017
Abrray Luxury Rose Gold Mesh Bracelet Shell Face Dial Quartz Watch for Women Business Women Watches This delicate and elegant looking  watch will match any look well making it a nice gift for... read more »

Nice Cell phone ring holder.

14 Nov, 2017
first time i buy for myself.I liked it.Now i buy for my daughters.Great product,design,color, texture, all excellent. read more »


13 Nov, 2017
I purchased this to put on the back of my phone to allow me to balance my phone when using it at home to listen to music, watch videos and also hold my phone to take photos. It's easy to apply... read more »

Discaleing tablets

11 Nov, 2017
Perfect done what it's ment to so no problems  read more »

Not recieved

06 Nov, 2017
Amazon lost parcel read more »

I didn't realise you got all 4!

04 Nov, 2017
fab value, look great, feel great, hopefully I will be just as impressed after our first overnight camping trip using them. so far they seem perfect. good size and seem pretty bright read more »

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