Large Capacity Water Bottle Jug [85OZ/2.5L, Hard BPA-Free PETG Material] Huge Drinking Bottles Water Container for Outdoor Training Bodybuilding Gym Camping and more
Price: $12.99
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Large Capacity Water Bottle Jug

06 Apr, 2019
Just the bottle I needed to ensure that I have lots of water everyday. Even though it is big, the handle is designed such that it is convenient to carry around. Also the big spout makes it convenient... read more »

This is good

19 Mar, 2019
Nice large size. Big openeing to get ice cubes in. 5 stars read more »

This is a very nice jug to own.

22 Feb, 2019
The main reason I got this water bottle was because I wanted to make sure that I was drinking enough water daily. I am able to pour 45 water bottles full of water into this jug which so happens t... read more »

Love the size- Quality was a let down.

01 Feb, 2019
When I got this water jug I was very excited to give it a run for its money.  I am active in Crossfit and my waterbottles need to be able to withstand being handled a bit more rough than average.... read more »


18 Dec, 2018
 this water bottle is huge! Holds a ton of water to get me through the day. It does not leak. And it looks really nice. read more »

It’s huge

11 Dec, 2018
Think the old school comedic level 7/11 big gulps we used to see in movies as kids and this is what this water bottle is. It’s not insulated just your basic plastic type huge huge water bottle.... read more »

Super thirst quencher

10 Dec, 2018
Bought this bottle jug for my husband he does construction I fill with water and this last him all day long this is holds 84 oz of liquid and is 5.9x5.9X10.6 the dimensions hold anything u can think o... read more »

Great Water Bottle

04 Dec, 2018
If your looking for a water bottle that will allow you to get through the entire day and be able to go the extra mile at the end of the day this is the one for you. I am impressed of how high quality... read more »


01 Dec, 2018
Came with a dent in the bottom other wise great product  read more »


27 Nov, 2018
I honestly was not expecting it to be so huge but I love it because that way I will drink a lot more water and it's very sturdy  read more »

Huge bottle!

24 Nov, 2018
This bottle is HUGE! It’s perfect for a long hike or a camping trip. You won’t run out of water with this thing! It’s lightweight plastic so it helps with the added weight but don&rs... read more »

Needs tighter cap

23 Nov, 2018
I love the size and the grip and definitely love that it holds as much as I will need for a workout session in the gym. My only distraction is that while the lid closes, it doesn't seem to close s... read more »

Product Demonstration Bottled JoyJug

20 Nov, 2018
Doing A Quick Product Demonstration Of This Large Capacity Bottled Joy Water Jug(2.5L) is made out of some hard plastic that looks though, it fits in a small refrigerator and the jug seems to be as bi... read more »

Great product!

19 Nov, 2018
Great water bottle. Very large:)   read more »

great quality

16 Nov, 2018
this is huge!!!   I love this. we use tghem on our trips. No spill and great quality read more »

water botttle

15 Nov, 2018
This is the biggest water bottle i have ever seen but its gonna come in handy in summer time cause i always drink alot of water #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #(Large water bottle) h... read more »

Large Capacity Water Bottle Jug [85OZ/2.5L, Hard BPA-Free PETG Material] Huge Drinking Bottles Water Container for Outdoor Training Bodybuilding Gym Camping and more Price: $12.99

13 Nov, 2018
Large Capacity Water Bottle Jug [85OZ/2.5L, Hard BPA-Free PETG Material] Huge Drinking Bottles Water Container for Outdoor Training Bodybuilding Gym Camping and more  Price: $12.99 read more »

I like the concept BUT

05 Nov, 2018
This thing leaked badly the very first time I used it.  I ended up just throwing it away.  It is a really good idea but they need to make a lid that can handle that much water read more »

Nice size

04 Nov, 2018
Great for water on the go. Easy to clean, fill and enjoy. read more »

Great Conversational Piece!

03 Nov, 2018
Perfect, Hydration Bottle for my daily needs. I no longer have to constantly refill up my water bottle. Also, the opening of this bottle is big enough for me to put in lemons to add a bit of acidity a... read more »

Sturdy and easy to take along

02 Nov, 2018
I knew I was getting a 2.5-liter water jug, but I wasn't really expecting something this size! That being said, it isn't too big at all. Now, this probably isn't the jug you want to carry... read more »

Very happy customer!

01 Nov, 2018
If you are looking for the best large water bottle this is it perfect size exactly as described recommend.        #rankboosterreview #sponsored #water bottle read more »


01 Nov, 2018
This Water Bottle is huge!! It is sturdy and well made. Now I can carry tea to work instead of buying it at the convenience store every day. read more »

My husband LOVES it!

31 Oct, 2018
Wow! This water bottle is awesome!  My husband has been using a Coleman bottle for work but it is all stained from working because of its white color and it doesn’t wash off well.  Thi... read more »

Awesome bottle

31 Oct, 2018
LOVE the size of this water bottle, but boy is it heavy when it is full. It is 2.5 liters, or 85 ounces if you want to know the conversion. This is a great way to make sure you are getting plenty of w... read more »

Huge Capacity Water Jug

28 Oct, 2018
I drink a lot daily and I constantly have to refill my glass, get another bottle or can. If you drink a lot you know how annoying this can be. Now I have a jug that holds 85oz. I can fill this jug up... read more »

It's nice and big!

24 Oct, 2018
It's the perfect size! It's also nice!  read more »

Water bottle

15 Oct, 2018
This is a huge water bottle gives you 73oz of water. It's great to keep me on track throughout the day an to make sure I'm getting in enough everyday.  Easy to use an clean. read more »


04 Oct, 2018
Perfect size. Kept ice water cold all day. Will be buying a few more.  read more »

Good seal

02 Oct, 2018
Bought these to take water on our boat for our dogs because the regular water bottles do't hold nearly enough for each dog.  Got these, used them, loved them! read more »

Good quality

27 Sep, 2018
My husband has used this every day since it was delivered I never see him without it anymore lol.  read more »

Perfect for the Gym!

25 Sep, 2018
My son uses this bottle when he goes to the gym! He loves it! read more »

Great size

23 Sep, 2018
I thought it wasn't going to Tobe as big as it is but it's a good size. So the seals seem to be good and I'm not getting spills. It's a good water bottle. Rank-booster read more »

Good quality product

21 Sep, 2018
The item is made from good quality plastic. It looks sturdy and easy to carry not many bottles provide handle to carry around so nice design too. read more »

Perfect size!

19 Sep, 2018
Yes it's big but that's what great about it. I fill it up im the morning and drink it till it's gone. It's perfect to monitor you water intake. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #BOTTLE... read more »

This is a nice size jug

18 Sep, 2018
Will keep this in the fridge with filtered water. I'm not sure that I could wash the inside of handle if I put tea or juices in it. So I will put filtered water in it and be fine. read more »

Nice bottle, good size

14 Sep, 2018
My husband works outside so it's necessary to have enough water to keep him hydrated. This one seems to be a great size. read more »

Enough For The Day!!

13 Sep, 2018
Now THIS is a water bottle!  Large enough to hold a day's worth of water for my husband that works outside all day.  The jug has a large opening to make it easy to fill. The pop top i... read more »

LOVE this water bottle

11 Sep, 2018
Best drink container ever!! I am soooo dehydrated and it is very difficult for me to drink water. I just don't like it. But this really helps. It sets my goal and I am getting better at reaching i... read more »

Great water jug

09 Sep, 2018
Great water jug this water jug is huge it holds two and a half liters of water which last me all day I'm very happy with it it is easy to carry highly recommended #RankBoosterReview  read more »

A perfect jar that I ever need

08 Sep, 2018
I have been buying from dollar store cheap water bottle jug and you know the result....bad. This one is perfect for me. It is a 2.5 L BPA free jug. It is made of very sturdy material, a quality&n... read more »


06 Sep, 2018
I drink tons of water throughout the day so this size of water bottle is perfect! #rankboosterreview  read more »

Huge water bottle

14 Jul, 2018
I am on a Keto diet and drink between 64-90 oz of water every day.  This water bottle is a whopping 85 ounces!  It's a great way to ensure that watr goals are met daily. It is now a g... read more »

Great motivator!

05 Jul, 2018
I feel more motivated to drink more water every day with this bottle. It's sturdy and reliable! read more »

came in today and my son already stole it on me!

16 Jun, 2018
He took one look at the jug and asked if he could have it so off it went :D  He drinks a lot of water so this really is perfect for him.  It is really big and he should get a lot of use out... read more »

excellent jug

15 Jun, 2018
My husband uses this daily. The darkness of the jug hds ice longer and its larger top makes it easy to fill and clean. Nice carry handle too. Its lightweight and sturdy plastic. Hes dropped it a few t... read more »

great for work!

13 Jun, 2018
I love the convenience and the size of this water jug. It is very well made and is easy to carry on your gym bag. I have used it more at work to ensure that I drink all of my water for the day. It doe... read more »

Huge water bottle jug

12 Jun, 2018
Enormous water bottle jug that is able to hold up to 2.5L of pure gorgeous good tasting liquid. Features a leakproof lid cover that closes very tightly and open up easily thanks to the silicone rubber... read more »


11 Jun, 2018
its a large water bottle does not keep cold or hot and the snap cover will leak very slightly  read more »

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