KingCamp 3L Foot Air Pump for Camping Sleeping Air Bed Pad Mat Mattress
Price: $9.34
4.74 / 5   (19 Reviews)


Works as expected

17 Aug, 2018
Works great when i dont have the luxury of using the electric pump. Definitely a time and energy saver. read more »

Not worth it

02 Aug, 2018
I got this, because we do a lot of camping during the summer, and I had waited on posting a review until after I had used it multiple times. The first few times, it worked great, not issues. However i... read more »

Air Pump

24 Mar, 2018
Needed something for my air bed on a camping trip.My favorite things about it are that it's foot/knee propelled, produces a huge amount of air with each push, and can pull the air out of something... read more »

Great for blowup pool toys

20 Mar, 2018
This Air Foot Pump is a great size to travel with. I was able to fit this in my bag and when we got to the beach and the hotel pool I was able to blowup all there floating air toys. I recommend it bec... read more »

Excellent Pump

13 Mar, 2018
I really like this pump, it does a great job at filling up inflatible toys. I blew up two ball pits (see picture) and it was very easy. It does take some effort, but you have to remember that this... read more »

Very good products

07 Mar, 2018
While I initially thought this was a foot pump to put air in tires or a bicycle or something of that nature I was entirely wrong it is a foot pump to air up your air mattresses or things of that natur... read more »

Seems good

05 Mar, 2018
Was packaged really good. I havent used it yet. I bought it for camping. It seems like its good quality.  read more »

Works, but noisy

04 Mar, 2018
A few years back we picked up an air mattress to have on hand when company came to visit. We have used it a few times, but have lost the attachments for the pump we had. And honestly, I have no clue w... read more »

great air pump

03 Mar, 2018
Great air pump! This works amazingly to pump up air mattresses for camping or just sleepovers. We have a queen size mattress and with this we can easily pump it up in no time. It is easy to use just i... read more »

Works but makes a weird sound

15 Jan, 2018
We got this foot pump to replace the hand pump we use for our air mattresses.  It stores much smaller than the hand pump we had.  Has two different valve sizes and has a deflate mode as well... read more »

Get pumped up from this effective, must have outdoors accessory for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. Great effective & quick pump.

08 Jan, 2018
This foot air pump made by KingCamp is great for inflating air mattresses and sleeping pads that are usually used for camping, but can be used for all sorts of things, such as if you have an unexpecte... read more »

Makes it easy to blow up most anything

07 Jan, 2018
This is a very useful product for me. I have weak hands and it is a struggle to use a hand pump. This Foot Air Pump by KingCamp helps blow up anything that needs air easily and quickly. The pump is ma... read more »

Makes short work of inflation without the need for a plug!

31 Dec, 2017
I am becoming a big fan of King Camp products.  This is just another example of an amazingly well made practical item.  We go camping often and a few of us have to pump up mattress pads or a... read more »

Foot air pump

24 Dec, 2017
i never knew these even existed!  When I found this on amazon I was like, “I have to have this!”.  There was one time we went camping and we had to jimmy a car vacuum to inflate... read more »

Very useful and easy to use

23 Dec, 2017
KingCamp KingCamp Foot Air Pump for Camping Sleeping Air Bed Pad Mat Mattress This is very easy to use and good to have around in a pinch, we used this for a blow up when camping didn’t t... read more »

Full of air..

20 Dec, 2017
 This is a good foot pump. It inflates and deflates your larger things like air mattresses in a jiffy. Even if you have an electric pump, having this on hand  is handy just in case. Forget t... read more »

Air mattress pump

20 Dec, 2017
I have a full sized mattress that I needed to use this on.  I usually borrow my sister's pump, but figured it's time to get my own!  It's very easy to use, it's afoot pump so... read more »

This pump makes camping so much easier.

20 Dec, 2017
This pump makes setting up camp and taking it down a lot faster and easier. It is easy to use and it has a non-kink hose and doesn't need batteries. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored read more »

Great pump!

19 Dec, 2017
I have two large blow-up rafts out at the lake that will be easier to inflate this summer!  I also have three air mattresses that I am using one for the kids visiting from out of town with their... read more »

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