Hi-crazystore Black Respirator Mask Dust proof Mask With Filtered Activated Carbon Filtration Exhaust Gas Anti Pollen Allergy PM2.5 Half Face Mask
Price: $8.99
4.41 / 5   (29 Reviews)


Black Respirator Dust Proof Mask Is A Lifesaver!

25 May, 2018
I ordered the Black Respirator Dust Proof Mast With Filtered Activated Carbon for my husband.  He suffers from Asbestosis and has a really hard time breathing outside. Anything in the air irritat... read more »

To all motorcyclist must have!

26 Apr, 2018
Bought the Hi-crazy mask for my brother, since recently he bought himself a Harley-Davidson motocycle :) Anyway, I thought this might help him all the rides. Guess what ...he does. He loves it! Helps... read more »

Respirator mask

29 Jan, 2018
Works well use it at work keeps my breathing air clean and dust free also works when it's cold really good for jogging in the mountains  read more »


26 Jan, 2018
#rank booster review #sponsored #brand name these are very good quality masks. work well  good for painting and many other things read more »

Way Too Small & There is No Activated Carbon as the Title Says

09 Jan, 2018
First I want to give the actual title of the item as it was when I ordered it, because I see the title has changed now.  It said "Hi-crazystore Black Respirator Mask Dust proof Mask With Fil... read more »

Asthma suffers, GET THIS!

09 Jan, 2018
If you have sensitive lungs like I do, you’ll need this in your possession. Filtered and charcoal activated to make sure the pollution in the air won’t get to you. We had some hazardous da... read more »

My man loves IT

09 Jan, 2018
I must say that I was skeptical about this mask. when it comes to pollen/allergies. I did not have any related issues before/after mowing. I'm impressed. This mask hugs my nose/face like a glove,... read more »

Dust-proof Black Respirator Mask

05 Jan, 2018
I am using the respirator mask for some small building and renovation projects around the home. When I'm cutting and sanding wood, there's always a lot of dust around. Wearing the mask helps t... read more »

Fits Great Works Even Better

04 Jan, 2018
This mask is a must have for those people with allergies.  It is so easy to use, fits perfect around most faces, and works great.  It is great for people that work construction or work outsi... read more »

This is a great mask that works in caustic environments.

31 Dec, 2017
This mask is comfortable and effective. I have severe allergies to mice, pollen and dust.  I have tried the regular paper masks and they just don't work.  This mask does work well, but t... read more »

Cosmetic use only

31 Dec, 2017
This is NOT made for anyone who needs a respirator from dust or particles. This is for cosmetic use ONLY. #hi-crazystore #rankbooster #rankreview #blogbooster #sponsered read more »

Dust Mask

27 Dec, 2017
really nice to use for cutting the grass  read more »

Love it

24 Dec, 2017
Love this new dust mask it's so soft and flexible it fits perfectly on my face and feels very comfortable unlike those disposable ones they sell at the hardware store. It has plenty of holes for v... read more »

High performance dusk mask

17 Dec, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Hi-crazystore-Respirato…/…/B072Q3W4W6 I bought this dusk mask for some construction that needs done on my home. I am thrilled at how well this dusk mask works to... read more »

great filter

16 Dec, 2017
I got this for when we go out driving thru dirt and mud on the ATV toys. There can be alot of dust and mud and sand that gets kicked up and thrown in the air and with this mask i didn't worry abou... read more »

5 stars!

14 Dec, 2017
I use this for light painting but mosstly for cleaning the litter box.   It greatly cut out the dust and kitty waste from cleaning the litter box out.  It has a good fit and works perf... read more »

Great filtration and looks good too!

14 Dec, 2017
I use these types of masks all the time.  This one filters well, fits well, but also looks the part.  Much higher quality than the typical cheapo mask    #RankBoosterReview #S... read more »

Protects from dust

10 Dec, 2017
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #hi-crazystore  this is a great mask. I bought it to protect myself from dust. Works perfectly.  read more »


08 Dec, 2017
its ok besides the fact its small and i can figure out how to make it bigger read more »

Breathing Easier

07 Dec, 2017
These work great.  I used it will riding atv's.  No more dust.  Easy on and off, reuseable.  Once I use it I just rinse it off and it's ready to go again read more »

Protect yourself from pollen

06 Dec, 2017
My Dad has allergies but has to mow a large area of his property. He hacks and coughs every time. This Black Respirator Mask Dust proof Mask With Filtered Activated Carbon Filtration Exhaust Gas Anti... read more »

Easy Breathing

05 Dec, 2017
 I bought this for my son who is a Firefighter. He complained that in smaller fires they don't have to wear their headgear but the smoke still bothers him. I am actually scared to wear masks... read more »


05 Dec, 2017
Ordered this for my hubby because he likes to ride a dirt bike and it has helped tremendously now I need to get everyone else one. Recommend. read more »

Perfect for cold weather bicycle riding

03 Dec, 2017
I have rode a bike in cold weather and it becomes uncomfortable to breath in cold air. This allows my body heat to Warm the air before entering my lungs. I also believe the resistance that results I f... read more »

Great for my sons allergies

01 Dec, 2017
It recently came to our attention that our son has major allergies to many trees and all kinds of grass.  This was a big problem because he does yard work for the neighbors and would come home wi... read more »

Works Well, Looks Very Modern!

30 Nov, 2017
This mask is made well! It looks nice and fits good. It is not overly heavy or thick and has a very stremlined fit that contours to your face. The mask allows in plenty of air, yet filters out dust an... read more »

Good for Light Projects

28 Nov, 2017
This is a comfortable mase for light projects that do not require extensive protection. It is definetly more comfortable than the paper masks with the elastic bands that keep it in place. When I took... read more »

Respirator Mask

27 Nov, 2017
This mask seems to do a good job.  I haven't worn it in really bad conditions, but it works well on dust, and leaf smoke.    It does fit a little snug.  It says it fits most, b... read more »

Great Fit

29 Oct, 2017
#Very Comfortable,fits great, perfect forwearing while I am chainsaw carving. It keeps out the dust and allows me to breathe.  My safety glasses fit comfortably over the mask. read more »

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