Valtcan Hunting Gear Bag Scent Eliminator Lithium Battery Powered Odor Elimination System Ozone Generator
Price: $25.00
4.73 / 5   (11 Reviews)


Hunting Must Have

18 Dec, 2018
This little gadget is a must-have for all hunters! It was packaged so nicely and is virtually silent. My husband has stopped using fragrance free wash detergent and relies totally on this! read more »


19 May, 2018
Absolutely the best and stays charged for days. I use this not only in the gym bag, but in my bathroom, in the basement, the kitchen, the hallway and in the rooms...It literally eradicated the smel... read more »


18 Mar, 2018
My husband has a hunting gear closet. I set this on teh top shelf and let it do its thing. The next time he opened the door i did not smell any of the smells that ususally come oout of there.  It... read more »

odor eliminator

01 Mar, 2018
Not sure how this would work since it isn't hunting season but I did attach it to someone that smokes and it did remove that smell read more »

Nice power odor generator

27 Feb, 2018
This is a nice power oder elimination genertor very small it works great. read more »


27 Feb, 2018
this Hunting Gear Bag Scent Eliminator is very nice  this will make a great gife for someone who loves to hunt   read more »

Ozone generator.

26 Feb, 2018
This small ozone generator well ionizes the air and eliminates unpleasant odors and can be turned on even in the car via an adapter from a 12 volt network. I like him and I will use it. read more »

Eliminator Lithium Battery Powered Odor Crushing Elimination System

26 Feb, 2018
This is a great odor eliminate system. Works with the push of a button. It comes with a usb cable you can plug into any usb to charge it up. I threw it into my son's stinky gym bag and it cut the... read more »

Slick little machine that works perfectly

20 Feb, 2018
This is such an easy machine to understand. I simply pushed the button and it turned itself on and cycles through its actions.  I had an area that I needed to "de-stink" and by simply u... read more »


19 Feb, 2018
In Disbelief that this tiny little device actually worked this well. So, I brought my bag home from a spring Turkey hunt and left it in the garage. Well my wife decided to stand it up out of her way,... read more »


17 Feb, 2018
Perfect for hunting read more »

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