Bellamei Cheesecloth for Straining,100% Organic Unbleached Cotton Fabric, Washable and Reusable Cheese Cloth for Cooking Filter Nut Milk Fruit Juice Yogurt Vegetables Oil Bag Grade 90 36SQ 4 Yards
Price: $10.01
4.91 / 5   (53 Reviews)


Great price good quality

15 Oct, 2020
Easy to use. Great for straining yogurt, cheese, nut milk, broth. Reusable and washable. Doesn’t fray. I'm thoroughly pleased and impressed with this cheesecloth and the very generous q... read more »


21 Nov, 2019
Just as expected  read more »

Versatile Uses

15 Jun, 2019
I love this cheesecloth.  Number one the price of it is great for it to be washable and reusable.  The cheesecloths locally do not have the option of being reusable.  So I am very excit... read more »

Great for Kombucha making!

31 May, 2019
I am very impressed with this cheese cloth. I use this to make homemade Kombucha and I love that it captures the chunks of fermented food and i do not get any in the actual drink. I also like that the... read more »

Great Product!

23 Apr, 2019
You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with this item. If you are a busy body in the kitchen or do a lot of arts and crafts you will have endless uses for this product. Everything from gett... read more »

Great cheesecloth! Lots of uses!

06 Apr, 2019
I use cheesecloth quite frequently to strain different types of foods. I found this cheesecloth on Amazon at a great price, so I decided to give it a try. The cheesecloth is made of high quality ma... read more »

Great for straining or covering kefir and buttermilk/yogurt

27 Mar, 2019
I have used this cloth for several things, all with great success.  First, I cut pieces to cover the lids of my kefir, buttermilk and sour cream, and yogurt jars.  Then I cut pieces large en... read more »

Well made product with many uses!

24 Feb, 2019
Great cheesecloth! Used it strain some homemade maple syrup and it was very good at keeping things out of the syrup that I didn't want to go through into the final product.   It's w... read more »


23 Feb, 2019
I use these to cover the jar that I brew kombucha in, to cover the bottom of my steamers, and to use them to strain homemade nutmilk. These are not bleached and with very fine texture, which are perfe... read more »

Nice quality

21 Feb, 2019
really nice and the quality is great! read more »

Great To Use For Making Soup Stock

19 Feb, 2019
This Bellamei Cheesecloth works great for straining turkey and chicken frames to make broth for soups. I boil down the whole frame of the turkey until it's a nice yellow stock. Once the stock... read more »

better than most cheesecloths I have used

12 Feb, 2019
Wow, I was not ready for the fine mesh of this product. I had to remove layers in order to get it to work. Not a fault of the product which is excellent but of my understanding of the gauge. I did was... read more »

i really needed these

09 Feb, 2019
I do tons of making my own homemade food type products and my cheese cloths o bought before were not doing the job for me , so i saw these and wanted to give them a try i have got 100% organic unbleac... read more »

the perfect no problems strainer

07 Feb, 2019
Using Bellamei cheesecloth is my answer to making my honey butter a success.  It is the safe and clean answer to filtering for food use.  100% organic is super important to my family. ... read more »

Better than Others!

06 Feb, 2019
I make my own yogurt and use the cheesecloth during the process to drain the whey out of it. These work better than any other I have ever bought. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Bellamei... read more »


05 Feb, 2019
This is not the cheese cloth that is loosely woven... it is strong and tough enough to twist and strain out the fine liquid!  It's more like a flour sack type of material so i love to strain... read more »

I really like that this is not bleached

04 Feb, 2019
I bought this for my sons oatmeal baths, I really like that this is not bleached. You get a nice amount for a great price. read more »


03 Feb, 2019
this cheese cloth is great for multiple purposes   a must have  read more »

Ready to craft, or bake, or make cheese, or strain nut milk....

29 Jan, 2019
I honestly have no use for cheesecloth right now, but you  never know when you will need it for whatever reason. I have been in Boy Scouts for too long if I am "being prepared" for thin... read more »

Fine yet strong Cheesecloth

28 Jan, 2019
I bought this make some jelly from fruits with small seeds. I've used several times of cheesecloth before but I find that they either tore while I was using them or let to much of the fruit pulp t... read more »

Good For the Price

28 Jan, 2019
Good cheese cloth. I used it to extract almond milk and worked perfectly. read more »

Fast shipping

25 Jan, 2019
I haven't put this on my bed yet but it seems pretty high quality. It is nice and thick, which I like. Shipping was fast, which I have been having a problem with lately with products I have chosen... read more »

very nice

22 Jan, 2019
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #bellamei very nice cheesecloth.  Works perfectly.  Will buy from in the future. read more »

Good product and good price.

19 Jan, 2019
Super perfect for made jam or jelly. Material and was good. Inexpensive price and can cut and use it very long time. read more »


17 Jan, 2019
This cloth is perfect for making jellies!!  It strains the juices out quickly and efficiently!! #rankboosterreview #sponsored #xingxingchen read more »

Perfect for preparing my holistic meds!

17 Jan, 2019
I am very happy with this purchase! Perfect for straining my nut milks! read more »

always need this in my house

16 Jan, 2019
I can use it to strain oil when I have used the fryer to get out the extra bits that get in there to keep  my oil fresher longer, use it to wrap up herbs when cooking so they are easier to remove... read more »

Great for Zoodles

16 Jan, 2019
This made making zoodles a breeze. I salted the zuciini noodles, let them sit for 30 minutes and then rung them out with this cloth. Popped the cloth (in a laundry bag) in the washer and it's good... read more »

Perfect for my needs

16 Jan, 2019
I got this bellamei cheesecloth for using when I make homemade jelly and for canning. There is four yards of cheesecloth and it is unbleached pure cotton. You have to boil it for about 15 minutes when... read more »


15 Jan, 2019
This cheesecloth is nice! soft and yet durable to use.  I use the cheesecloth for straining homemade ricotta cheese and soy milk.  So convenient to wash and store after use.  This filte... read more »

Exactly as described

14 Jan, 2019
These cheese cloths are exactly as described in the listing and work just like any other much more pricy cheese cloths I've used in the past. Very pleased with this purchase.   #RankBoo... read more »

Very good product and good price.

14 Jan, 2019
Material and design was good, I can cut and saw a lot of tea bags. Love it.  read more »

Works great for making cheese

12 Jan, 2019
I recently started making some easy cheese recipes and this cloth works great for straining it.  highly recommend as it is good qualtiy and a great price for 4 yards. read more »


12 Jan, 2019
Wow! This cheesecloth is perfect. I made some great Halloween ghost with this material. Well made and very strong . I was very impressed with the quality and price. read more »

Bellamei Cheesecloth

12 Jan, 2019
Works great for making any foods, just give it a quick rinse to clean off the cotton seeds and you're off to making something great. read more »

Cotton Cheesecloth

11 Jan, 2019
These cotton straining cheesecloth are durable and storng.  They are one hundred percent organic, unbleached and cotton.  Washabale and reusable and can be used for a multitude of things.&nb... read more »

Great product for the price

11 Jan, 2019
You get 4 yards of unbleached organic cheesecloth. Great deal for the price! Many uses!  read more »

Great cheesecloth!

10 Jan, 2019
This is high quality cheesecloth, very durable and versatile. If you use cheesecloth at home, this is a great choice. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Bellamei | read more »

Works perfectly

08 Jan, 2019
Using it for the kitchen and it's a hit I love it no smell and washes great read more »

Bellamei cheesecloth

08 Jan, 2019
I love this product because I can. Make my homemaker cheese I am very recommended  read more »

I make things from scratch helper

08 Jan, 2019
I sometimes make my own cream cheese or yogurt and this cheesecloth holds in the solids very well while allowing it to release the whey. We have also used it for cold brew coffee,  b... read more »

perfect for my cooking needs

05 Jan, 2019
 #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Bellamei Cheesecloth My new go to cheesecloth for my cooking needs. read more »

It's cheesecloth, it works.

05 Jan, 2019
This is cheesecloth and it works just fine. There is enough for many uses and it prices reasonably. read more »


04 Jan, 2019
These Cheeseclothes were just what we needed for making yogurt and kombucha. Love the fact that they are made from organic cotton. read more »


03 Jan, 2019
Exactly what I needed for making various things. Great quality and price! #rankboosterreview  read more »

Great buy

02 Jan, 2019
This is the kind of cheesecloth I've been looking for. Most cheese cloths rip and are garbage to try to reuse. Not this one. It's made of very high quality material that you can use over and o... read more »

Nice choice

31 Dec, 2018
I think it was a nice purchase for this money: the clothes is not bleached and seems to useful not only as a kitchen stuff. I'm going to try it in crafting also. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsor... read more »

So many uses

26 Dec, 2018
I use this to make cheese, to filter rainwater, in papermaking and a hundred more uses. read more »

Happy with your purchase

25 Dec, 2018
Everything from quality of the cloth to the quantity I am very happy. I was extremely surprised when I saw how much there was in this package. So wether you use it for recepies, arts and crafts or if... read more »

Not just for cheese

21 Dec, 2018
This fabric can be used to strain about anything And is great for craftmaking. Big pack. read more »

Very Good Quality Cheesecloth - Large Package Size

16 Dec, 2018
I recieved a generous quantity of high quality cheesecloth which I use for straining herbs, and also for making my own home beauty and health care products. I really like these and will purchase again... read more »

good cooking tool

15 Dec, 2018
#bellamei #sponsored #rankboosterreview   Very nice. Great quality to make your own cheese or... read more »

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