Italian - Lingo Playing Cards | Language Learning Game Set | Fun Visual Flashcard Deck To Increase Vocabulary and Pronunciation Skills - 54 Useful Phrases
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A great way to learn Italian

30 May, 2018
Really fun to use, immersive language on cards. Not just words, but phrases. Makes learning a new language more fun. Travels well. read more »

Loads of fun

07 May, 2018
I am all for learning new languages in easy ways. This makes it simple. It helps that they give phrases that ate necessary and when traveling they can help you to communicate and are compact and easy... read more »

learning a fun way

02 May, 2018
You can play ANY regular card game with this deck of cards. (Jokers included.) Also you can learn common Italian words and terms while you play. Numbers,colors, and phrases used every day. Each card h... read more »


28 Apr, 2018
Great cards. Definitely a deck that I can get creative with and learn parts of a new language. #rank-booster read more »

Hours of fun

26 Apr, 2018
My friends and I had hours of fun with these cards, playing poker and learning a different language makes a fun drinking game. #rankboostersblog #blogbooster read more »

Learn Italian playing

21 Apr, 2018
Excellent letters to start learning the Italian language. It has phrases, questions and short sentences, very necessary for anyone who is traveling or wants to learn Italian. It has the phrase in Engl... read more »

Learn and Play!

20 Apr, 2018
I purchased three sets of these, in German, Italian and French. They're all exactly alike, except for the translations. Due to that, my reviews are going to be the same on all three.  They&#... read more »

Great way to learn!

19 Apr, 2018
These are such a great idea!! I bought these for my kids that love playing cards! They literally spend at least an hour playing and speaking with the Italian phrases on their cards. It’s sooo ea... read more »

We're really enjoying these

17 Apr, 2018
These cards are perfect to play card games with and also pick up a little bit of a new language lingo. My kids love playing with the cats and are always wanting me to buy all the different languages.... read more »

Great way to learn Italian

16 Apr, 2018
Love these flash cards. Kids play with them to learn Italian and it's fun for them. read more »

These are great

16 Apr, 2018
Got these cuz the girls and I are going to Tuscany in the fall for a cooking tour.  Didn't realize it's an actual set of playing cards, and each card has a different word, set of wor... read more »

Super handy flashcards

15 Apr, 2018
Super handy flashcards, super handy for learning read more »

Great Gift for your Worldy Family Member

15 Apr, 2018
I got these and the German ones for my Cousin who's going to Europe this summer.  I think she'll really love them.  I can just imagine her flipping through these on those long Train... read more »

Lots of FUn

15 Apr, 2018
Have you ever wanted to learn a different language but have fun while learning it? Well, this is a perfect way. I bought 5 different Lingo playing card decks. I bought the following: French, Japanese,... read more »

Well made cards and great to learn with.

14 Apr, 2018
I am having the most fun with these cards.  They have the symbols and letters of regular playing cards on the corners of the cards, but in the middle of the cards, there are regular daily phrases... read more »

Italian Lingo Cards

13 Apr, 2018
This is a great way to learn a new language. It is easy to learn and fun for the whole family. Even a child can learn quick and easy.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii.&n... read more »


12 Apr, 2018
Love these .Easy to learn. And also fun  read more »

Cool item

12 Apr, 2018
Nice learning  read more »

Great way to learn Italian!

11 Apr, 2018
I have always thought that the Italian language is one of the most romantic languages in the world and it has always been my desire to speak enchanting tongue.  That is why when I saw these Itali... read more »

Learning Language Cards

11 Apr, 2018
Very cool set of learning language cards! Arrived in a timely fashion, packaged to perfection and free from any damage during the shipping process. So far I am very pleased with this item and I would... read more »

Learn Italian while playing poker aleways fun.

10 Apr, 2018
This pack has alot of the basic words you need to learn to just have fun and understand what is being said and fill in the blanks after. I find these to be interesting as i have always wanted to learn... read more »

Get to learning

09 Apr, 2018
Great set of learning cards to speak a different language. The kids are already learning and practicing. Very easy to understand how to use and the cards seem to be really well made. read more »

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