Reusable Silicone Collapsible Straws Food-Grade Drinking Straws 9.84 Inch
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4.88 / 5   (26 Reviews)



08 Nov, 2020
Used when needed. Excellent use for emergencies.  read more »

a must have

14 Sep, 2020
This is amazing the go. Great quality and comes with cleaner brush. read more »

These were just what was needed.

13 Aug, 2020
My grandson cant drink from a cup, can, or bottle and for a long time I was carrying straws in my purse. Now I am able to throw one of these in that takes up less room and is better for the environmen... read more »

Very useful

05 Aug, 2020
These are great for on the go and to carry around in my purse!! Love them! read more »

Amazing straws

28 Jul, 2020
Love that the straws collapse and are easy to carry  read more »

Great Straws

28 Jul, 2020
These are great straws. They come in a 4 pack. Each pack includes the case, a straw and a cleaning wire. I love how easy these are to fold up and store in there case. You get different colors, perfect... read more »


11 Jul, 2020
First order received. Second order was  never delivered. read more »

Easy to Carry

28 Jun, 2020
Love that these are in small capsules, so I can carry them easily in my purse or pocket.  If you use your own straws these are ones you at least want to try.  And they work great. read more »

Great reusable straws

16 Jun, 2020
This is my review of the Houselog Reusable Silicone Collapsible Straws Food-Grade Drinking Straws 9.84 Inch. These straws are a must have if you have younger kids or nephews and nieces and do... read more »

Purse size

31 May, 2020
Perfect personal straw to keep in my purse read more »

Reusable Straws

28 May, 2020
            Guys if your trying to go eco-friendly these straws are great. They come in their own container so they are easy to travel with. You get 4 differen... read more »


19 May, 2020
I like the idea for this however the lids would not stay on the container. Disappointed  read more »

Very useful

17 May, 2020
No more polluting the water ways for me this is a great alternative source One of the best items I have ever used. It is great and very versatile. It can be used for so much and not just what it&... read more »

Silicone straws

09 May, 2020
Compact straws good quality read more »

Better than Described

08 May, 2020
I didn't realize that I would be received a set of four straws. I thought I would receive only one. Each straw comes with a silicone straw, a straw cleaner, and an easy to carry oval shaped storag... read more »

Hope I remember to carry

06 May, 2020
Very practical. Seems durable. I like that I can just clip on my purse. Honestly I half expected to only receive one but there are four in the box. One for each family member. Especially with covid&nb... read more »

love it

05 May, 2020
ive used silicone strwas before but these ones are amazing read more »


04 May, 2020
I really love the box the straws came in  and they’re so easy to clip on and keep up with. They stay inside the holder. read more »

These are great

30 Apr, 2020
These are great! They are soft and flexible. The containers are pretty cool also. My favorite part is the cleaning sticks that come with each straw. Makes cleaning easy. read more »

Nice Set Of Collapsible Straws!

28 Apr, 2020
This is a nice set of collapsible straws, and each straw (there are four of them in different colors) comes with its own cleaning pipe and its own carrying case. Once collapsed, the straws can be p... read more »


27 Apr, 2020
These Reusable Silicone Collapsible Straws  are super cute and come in their own little pods. They are completely made of silicone so they fold easy in their pods and they come with a little... read more »

Easy on my teeth

25 Apr, 2020
Great to be excited friendly. Just throw in your purse. Won't hurt your teeth. read more »

Cute! Environmentally friendly!

23 Apr, 2020
What a cute little set!!  Perfect for our family of four!!  I got these mainly for our trips to the zoo!  I can't stand when we get something to drink, and we can't get a straw... read more »

Lovely straws!

31 Mar, 2020
These are great and portable!  I love the cute carrying cases and the straws are cute and easy to clean!  loved sharing these with my family members!! read more »

So convenient

22 Mar, 2020
These foldable and reusable straws and so convenient. You'd be surprised at how much plastic we waste each year in disposable straws. I've already notice just by using these straws that me and... read more »

Reusable Silicone Collapsible Straws Food-Grade Drinking Straws 9.84 Inch

08 Mar, 2020
  Reusable Silicone Collapsible Straws Food-Grade Drinking Straws 9.84 Inch.  Got this to review.  I am going to give this to my kids to carry with them. read more »

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