LuvisR Mouse Trap - Mice Trap The Mouse Catcher, Easy to Set Quick Kill Mice Catcher Device, Snap Traps(4 Pack)
Price: $7.99
4.50 / 5   (28 Reviews)


Good mouse trap. It is easy to set and has caught several mice.

19 Jul, 2019
We have used them with a variety of different baits and caught several mice now with them. Most of the time the mice are caught with this trap, although we did have a couple who managed to steal the b... read more »

Too sensitive

08 Nov, 2018
The hook that holds the device in place does not grab it very well so it takes very little to set these off. I had all 4 set out and the next day when I came outside 3 of them had been set off but the... read more »

product as described

27 Sep, 2018
I haven't used them yet, but my husband will set them up tomorrow.  Product appears to be as described and seems to be quite sturdy.  It is what it is...a mousetrap! lol   #ran... read more »

Easy Set and Snap

23 Sep, 2018
These traps are much better than the ones I am used to. Within 1 hour of putting down  outside near my garbage cans, I caught two mice. I love this item and it is effective. Easy clean up and I w... read more »

Very Effective

20 Sep, 2018
I received this 4 pack of mouse traps from LuvisR. Setting them is as easy as opening a clothespin! We recently moved into a new trailer, and have been having issues with mice. We set all 4... read more »

nope nope nope

19 Sep, 2018
the mouse traps are flilmsy and they are not easy to use. the traps need to be placed so the little plastic trigger keeps the metal down. these are all bent and coming apart read more »

already doing its job

18 Sep, 2018
These have caught some pretty tiny mice so I know they are very sensitive to things stepping on the platform.  I live in the country and mice are a part of life out here.  You learn to just... read more »

Great traps

17 Sep, 2018
These are quality traps very well made and less of a chance of snapping your fingers than the old school wood traps ...highly recommended  read more »

Great price

16 Sep, 2018
#Rankbooster #Sold by Lullvis # Full filled by Amazon These Luvis Mouse Trap- Mice trap Easy to Set Quick Kill mice catcher Device they are high sensitivitr highly effective traps free your home of un... read more »

Easy to set and very sensitive, I just think I have smart mice

15 Sep, 2018
I don't know whether I have the smartest mice in the world or they can levitate, but either way, they are getting the bait but not getting caught in the traps. We noticed a few weeks ago a bad... read more »

Never snap your fingers again

15 Sep, 2018
These are so much easier than the old wood and metal ones read more »

Gets em!

15 Sep, 2018
we live in the middle of the Corn desert which means we get a ton of field mice that come into our house during the summer and winter months. In one year we caught 12. It was awful so so we always hav... read more »

Easy to use, but flimsy

15 Sep, 2018
This set of 4 mouse traps are small and easy to set. I hate having to have these, but it is reality and I wanted something that is easy to use. They are super easy to trip, so be careful. I do think t... read more »

Mighty and Powerful

12 Sep, 2018
These quick kill mice traps are easy to set and work great.  They are super easy to set, easy to clean up after and even easier to dump the trap.  It makes it easy to work with and comes fou... read more »

Happy customer

11 Sep, 2018
Great trap set comes with 4 easy to use fast delivery recommend this trap set and seller.                               ... read more »

Mouse Traps

11 Sep, 2018
These mouse traps are the best! They are heavy duty compared to the wooden ones. Very easy to set!  read more »

Sturdy, updated mouse traps

11 Sep, 2018
Mouse traps haven't changed in fifty years  -  until now.  Although I refuse to go near them, my husband set these traps with ease, and  they made the entire process of catchin... read more »

Very nice mouse trap

10 Sep, 2018
Very nice mouse trap this mousetrap will work perfect in my shed I'm very happy with it I highly recommended #RankBoosterReview  read more »

compact and powerful

09 Sep, 2018
Easy to set and use. Great for country living. read more »


08 Sep, 2018
These are super easy to set, and when tested out, seems to work without a hitch! I live in the country so we have our fair share of mice, and I usually but the cheap wooden traps that sometimes work a... read more »

Remodeling and Mice!

08 Sep, 2018
I've learned the hard way that when you are remodeling a kitchen the doors to your house and the garage stand open all day. Live in the country? YOU WILL get mice. From the look of my peace o... read more »

Well Made Traps

05 Sep, 2018
Traps have proven to be a great asset in the 'War of the Rodents'!!! P-butter good as is Nutella. Minor problem with mice eating without sething off trap. Trigger plate was set too deep so by... read more »

I really like how easy these mouse traps are to set.

05 Sep, 2018
These are a pack of 4 mouse traps. And there much easier to set then the older styled ones. With these all you need to do is place cheese or peanut butter inside a small hole in the trap and then once... read more »

5 star

05 Sep, 2018
good quality read more »

5 star

05 Sep, 2018
good quality read more »


02 Sep, 2018
Normally I think mice are cute but I am having a problem with some in my garage. They have been chewing through boxes and wires so I have to do something because hiring someone to fix the damage to th... read more »

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