13 Gallon Trash Bag Garbage Bag Kitchen Trash Can Liners for Dumpster Bin 150 Count - Strong White Drawstring Odor Shield Bags for Refuse Disposal
Price: $19.99
4.62 / 5   (74 Reviews)


Wonderful trash bags

05 Nov, 2020
We have been looking every where for a 15 gallon trash. They fit the tall kitchen trash cans so much better than the 13 gallon trash bags in the store. I ordered just one box at first because I was af... read more »

They Work!

16 Oct, 2020
They work for trash lol! read more »


17 Dec, 2019
The bag is of good quality and very thick that might hold heavier items in it but definitely not the regular 13 gallon capacity. Its smaller than the other regular bags.  read more »

Nice and thick!

06 Dec, 2019
Really nice ! read more »

Great Garbage bags

11 Nov, 2019
Really great garbage bags. In my opinion they are better then some name brands. And well worth the price for them. You get a larger count then you would anywhere else too.  read more »

Trash Bags

04 Nov, 2019
These bags were  a good buy and worked great at first.  After getting down through the bags, I notice they are cut on one side, each and everyone there after the 10th one or so.  The... read more »


04 Nov, 2019
Great trash bags, no problems at all. #Rankboosterreview #sponsored #trashbags read more »

Affordable Trash Bags & Super Strong!

30 Oct, 2019
Dr. Shield 13 Gallon Trash Bag Garbage Bag Kitchen Trash Can Liners for Dumpster Bin 150 Count – Strong White Drawstring Odor Shield Bags for Refuse Disposal are some of the best garbage bags I... read more »

lets be reallistic

24 Oct, 2019
Let's be realistic if you have something really stinky in your trash and leave the lid open like I do you're still gonna smell it. Once you tie it up it makes it bearable to bring to the tras... read more »

Good Garbage Bags

22 Oct, 2019
These bags are heavy wieght and work great in the standard kitch garbe cans. I like having the draw string closer better than the self tie garabe bags. These garbage bags come in 1 large roll, it is a... read more »

Trash bag

20 Oct, 2019
Very useful and affordable read more »

So good

07 Oct, 2019
This kitchen garbage bags are so good. Odor blocking, strong and the 150 count for the price is very affordable. read more »

Strong bags

22 Sep, 2019
These bags are great because we have cats in the yard who love to sniff for garbage. These seem to be always in tact the next day after those cats rip through the garbage can. I am pretty impressed wi... read more »

I am impressed

19 Sep, 2019
I would pay 10xs the amount for these. There is a ton in the box and they are better quality than the leading brand . I use these and these only to handle all my trash. I am so happy to have found the... read more »


19 Sep, 2019
- I'm very impressed by the durability of the bags. I was cleaning out my garage and had to throw a lot of stuff like empty bottles, cardboard boxes,cans, old clothes and even some old tools. They... read more »


19 Sep, 2019
If only the material is a little thicker rate would be 5 star read more »

Durable very nice Garbage bags

12 Sep, 2019
Perfect garbage bags. Very strong and durable. I definitely recommend. A+ read more »

Excellent Product

10 Sep, 2019
These are great trash bags. Hold a lot and not flimsy. Great priced read more »

Trash bags

05 Sep, 2019
These trash bags are a wonderful value for the price. They were delivered as promised. Thank you! read more »

High Quality Trash Bags

04 Sep, 2019
I was very impressed with the quality of these trash bags!  They are very sturdy and durable.  The bags do not rip when expanded like a lot of trash bags.  They have a very nice fresh l... read more »

Great value

02 Sep, 2019
These trash bags fit my trash can perfectly. The quality is very good, haven't ripped one yet. These are abetter value than the ones I previously purchased. read more »

Strong and stay in place

01 Sep, 2019
Just as good of not better than the brand name. These stay up better. read more »


01 Sep, 2019
seems reasonabley strong to me  read more »

Sturdy bags

27 Aug, 2019
These bags are sturdy and have a pleasant, non-overpowering scent. These fit well in my 13 gallon trash bin and so far have not leaked or ripped. My only complaint would be the packaging they come in... read more »

They smell yummy!

27 Aug, 2019
These are 13 Gallon which is a Standard Kitchen Size.  The 150 Count Value Pack Bundle is great because they will last  along time.  The drawsting is an added bonus because they ca... read more »

Garbage bags

25 Aug, 2019
3 Gallon Trash Bag Garbage Bag Kitchen Trash Can Liners for Dumpster Bin 150 Count - Strong White Drawstring Odor Shield Bags for Refuse Disposal are easy to use, fit perfect and reduce odor. Personal... read more »

Love the smell

25 Aug, 2019
I love the smell of these bags. As soon as I opened the box, I could smell them. I have these stored in my linen closet and as soon as you open the door you can smell them, so that's an added bonu... read more »

Odor Shield Bags!

24 Aug, 2019
I purchased these and I have to say that I am very impressed with how they control odor in the house! I have had no issues with my bags busting or the draw strings not being strong enough to hold up!... read more »

Decent Garbage Bags with Drawstrings

24 Aug, 2019
This is a set of garbage bags. They are for smaller garbage cans, they will hold 13 gallons. You get 150 garbage bags, so this is a large set of bags. I would recommend this set of garbage bags to... read more »

Great value

23 Aug, 2019
13 gallon trash bag kitchen trash bag This is a set of 150 trash bags This is. Good value as you get 150 strong trash bags. The bags are strong and each have a drawstring in it,that makes disposing... read more »

High quality

23 Aug, 2019
These are very good trash bags that work like they should. I decided to try them out because they were a much better price than the name brands in the grocery store. I received a box of 150 tall kitch... read more »

Works fine but the original box was damaged

23 Aug, 2019
That was a purchase for a local Humane Society so I wasn't happy to the package damaged although the Amazon box was fine. But the bags seem to be with no holes so they still can use them. https... read more »

Excellent quality trash bag

22 Aug, 2019
Very good quality trash bags. Decided to try them out because they were a much better price than the name brands in the grocery store. I received a box of 150 tall kitchen bags with a drawstring closu... read more »

Okay bags

22 Aug, 2019
These bags are okay if you dont fill them too much. The strings break easy and the bags rip easy. But for smaller amounts of trash its fine. read more »

Great buy

21 Aug, 2019
They're lemon scented and they fit the trashcan perfectly. Only reason for 4 stars is I put too much in a bag and I was literally running for the big trash cuz it almost broke, it was stretching p... read more »

Worth the price

21 Aug, 2019
I can tell this trash box is worth for the price. The trash bag is ok quality. It’s not too thick or thin but it does the work. If compare with other brands, I think it’s almost the same.... read more »

...as good as the Name Brands...but more!

20 Aug, 2019
...I found these just as good, if not better, than the name brands I usually get, but these offerred me 150 - not 120 - bags for a lower cost and they smell like lemon peels. After reading the reviews... read more »

Perfect for our Litter Robot

19 Aug, 2019
Bought these for our kitties and their litter robot. Perfect to keep on hand, strong enough for poop filled litter. Keeps odors in and works for our needs!  read more »


19 Aug, 2019
Just as good as your name brand bags read more »

Good hold

18 Aug, 2019
Holds good didnt bust when taken out the trash can. Tie string is a strong hold. read more »

Dr. Shield Trash Bags

18 Aug, 2019
Doctor Shield 13 Gallon Trash Bag are super strong they don't break easily, it keeps the smell of garbage inside the bag  I dont have to worry that the smell will waft out to the wh... read more »


15 Aug, 2019
Great bags strong comparable to other brands. But good heavens they stink!!! read more »

A decent buy...

15 Aug, 2019
These bags actually arent that bad. I mean you cant get that many for only five bucks.. atleast not around here. #rankbooster #sponsored  read more »

Strong and good value

15 Aug, 2019
They are strong bags. Item as described. Good value for the price. The box was a little beat up but the roll of trash bags was intact and not damaged. The bags do have an odor and seems to be working... read more »

13 Gallon Trash Bag Garbage Bag Kitchen Trash Can Liners for Dumpster Bin 150 Count - Strong White Drawstring Odor Shield Bags for Refuse Disposal

14 Aug, 2019
Doctor Sheild 13 Gallon Trash Bag Garbage Bag Kitchen Trash Can Liners for Dumpster Bin 150 Count - Strong White Drawstring Odor Shield Bags for Refuse Disposal.  Great bags. Nice amount for the... read more »

I would have loved them

13 Aug, 2019
Sadly and unfortunately, I've checked my orders online and it says that my trashbags have been recieved, but I did not recieve anything.  Most likely someone have stolen my trashbags! ... read more »

Great Garbage bags!

13 Aug, 2019
Received these garbage bags and love them so far!  A great but not overwhelming lemon scent.  So far they have been sturdy and have not had any tears in the bags.  So glad I ordered the... read more »

Great quality

12 Aug, 2019
Great trash bags. Have a good scent to them.  Would recommend. I have ordered several orders of these exact bags.  read more »

Great trash bags

12 Aug, 2019
Love these trash bags, they are more durable than I thought .  read more »

Good bag for the money

11 Aug, 2019
it's a good trash bag for the price you pay. Not as durable as name brands but... I mean, let's face it. We fill it with garbage and throw it away... So as long as it makes it from my... read more »


09 Aug, 2019
This item was much needed and I am very pleased with the purchase. The item was appropriately packaged and the fact that it has 150 count bags is very convenient. The bags are sturdy, the drawstrings... read more »

Holds up

09 Aug, 2019
Love the lemon scent. Good for this time of year when it is hot and the garbage you put in makes the bin smell. But with these it gives it a hint of lemon. Holds up well. read more »

Great !

08 Aug, 2019
Great price and smells nice!  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #doctor shield read more »

Heavy duty

07 Aug, 2019
Hold a lot and I will buy again   read more »

Ideal for Our Household

05 Aug, 2019
With a busy household of 7 people, we make a TON of garbage, so having the convenience of these Doctor Shield 13 gallon trashbags is ideal! They have a pleasant, fresh smell that is not overpowering a... read more »

Great affordable bags for families on a budget but who still want quality.

27 Jul, 2019
Okay, so no these aren't the best bags you'll ever find and they aren't the strongest, biggest, best smelling, etc, etc.  However, for the price point and the amount you receive...... read more »

They hold up great

25 Jul, 2019
I love the drawstring and odor shield.  I don't totally understand what makes it odor sheild, but you can put stuff in the bag  then tie it closed and you can't smell the odor. ... read more »

Works great

23 Jul, 2019
So far it holds a lot and no rips! My flex glad would not last especially by the strings! This one lasts and I enjoy the scent also! A little more then what I would pay for trash bags especially since... read more »

Great Value!!!

22 Jul, 2019
You can’t beat the price for 150 garbage bags. They seem a little cheap, but at the price they are. But I needed it for my kitchen garbage so they are fine! I’m so lucky to have found thes... read more »

Great quality bags!

18 Jul, 2019
They work very well. I was suprised at how heavy duty they actually feel. The odor shield is a great quality as well, as some bags are normally so thin that nothing stays in - but these are very good.... read more »

Strong and holds a lot!

10 Jul, 2019
This is a huge box of white drawstring trash bags. The bags are strong and so far we haven't had any tear or leak. They fit my trash can well and do not slip off the top. As with most homes, my cr... read more »

Trash Can Liners

05 Jul, 2019
13 Gallon Trash Bag Garbage Bag Kitchen Trash Can Liners for Dumpster Bin 150 Count - Strong White Drawstring Odor Shield Bags for Refuse Disposal. They are good bags, but they don't fit around th... read more »

Love the smell

05 Jul, 2019
Great quality bags, resistant, with a fresh scent, to avoid bad odors. Fits perfectly on my trash can. Highly recommended. Would buy again. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #DoctorShield read more »

13 gallon Trash bags 150 count

04 Jul, 2019
I figured why not buy my trash bags on line?  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of these bags.  Most of the scented bags are very strong with fragrance.  These are a nice pleasa... read more »

Great, sturdy, fresh smelling

03 Jul, 2019
Doctor Shield 13 gallon trash bags Have been great thus far. I have been using another brand, with larger bags since my family seems to make an abundance of garbage- but wanted to give these a try. Fi... read more »

great bags

01 Jul, 2019
Nice bags, works as well a named brand, nice mild scent, Good Value read more »

Strong garbage bags at a reasonable price

29 Jun, 2019
I was running low on tall kitchen garbage bags and there is nothing worse than having to run out to the store for just one thing. These bags were a great combination. They are a quality product withou... read more »

Strong Bags but Not Convenient Dispensing

29 Jun, 2019
These Doctor Shield trash bags are nice and thick and strong.  They have odor control but they don’t have a strong, overwhelming scent:  I do want to mention that they’re regular... read more »

Worth the price, lemon scent not too strong though

29 Jun, 2019
This are really good bags.. size same as described. Its also has the strong drawstring and perfect for our trash cans in the kitchen and bathroom, now it will be easier to refill or change too. The am... read more »

much better than expected.

28 Jun, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Strong White Drawstring Odor Shield Bags I was nervous to try a brand I was not familiar with but now I'm convinced this is my new go to brand. read more »

Tough Flexibility

28 Jun, 2019
I saw these trash bags as I call them but I guess the proper title is Trash Can Liners, and thought that is alot of bags at a decent price.  One of my younger sons job is to ensure the trash goes... read more »

Lemon scented kitchen trash bags, with draw strings

27 Jun, 2019
This product is a single roll of 150 drawstring 13 gallon trash bags.  They are scented with lemon and are supposed to mask trash odors for 4 days. We use a lot of these 13 gallon bags and they u... read more »

Nice quality trash bags

26 Jun, 2019
I am happy with the quality of these trash bags. They came nicely packaged so they are easy to quickly grab one off the roll.  The trash bags also have a nice light scent that disguises some of w... read more »


26 Jun, 2019
~ What ~ Made of 0.9mil LDPE with 20% metallocene and a lemon scent, this pack includes 150 13-gallon trash bags that fit standard tall rectangular kitchen trash baskets. With 2 blue pull drawstrings... read more »

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