Acne Pimple Patch Healing Spot Patches, Hydrocolloid Acne Stickers Absorbing Spot Dot Acne Cover - Acne Dots Pimple Sticker Acne Pimple Master Patch Blemish Patches Acne Treatment, Set of 72pcs
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18 Mar, 2020
These little bad boys pack a punch! Just put them on before bed and wake up with reduced redness, and sometimes to whole pimple gone! Fantastic! MY college kid LOVES these!  read more »

Works great

12 Feb, 2020
Works good, the stickers stayed on and noticed it really helped with the inflammation.  read more »

Skeptical at first, but thankfully proved wrong!

21 Jan, 2020
I've never tried pimple patches before, they always sounded too good to be true...until now. These work like a charm and help prevent from picking at your face! I use these at night, so that when... read more »

Acne Pimple Patch

02 Jan, 2020
OMG!They work!These patches do exactly what they say. Just put it on and go to sleep. The next morning they magically made the pimples go away! They do not irritate my sensitive skin as well. I wish I... read more »

just a bandaid

28 Dec, 2019
This is pretty much just little round bandaids and a needle. did nothing for my acne read more »

Not sure if they work

01 Dec, 2019
I picked these patches up because my husband recently had a zit that he was worried about since the next day he had to take a picture for his ID. I had nothing to help him out, so we resorted to cover... read more »

Acne pimple patches

01 Dec, 2019
Just the right size for a pimple. They do seem to dry out the spot. Hydrocolloid pads to help your pimples go away. I put one one while watching TV at night. read more »


27 Nov, 2019
My pre-teen has acne and she absolutely loves these things.  You can hardly tell they are on her skin.  It seems to help the areas that are worse heal quicker and having this on top of them... read more »


22 Nov, 2019

No packaging

19 Nov, 2019
Arrived with no real packaging and very cheap supplies. Looks like something you would buy from a store only with out the box.  read more »

Acne patches

06 Nov, 2019
I can’t believe how well these work. Truly an amazing product right here that I trust and love. I put a patch on a zit at night and peal it off in morning and the zit is gone! It draws out the p... read more »


05 Nov, 2019
It took a couple of weeks, but I finally had a blemish worthy of these stickers a couple of days ago. You know the kind, deep painful under the surface kind. Well, I waited a day or two until it... read more »


05 Nov, 2019
Extremely impressed in two days took pimple fuss, no pain,  so happy read more »

Absolutely love!

04 Nov, 2019
These pimple patches actually work. I have tried a couple other brands and was not impressed. I followed the insructions the night I recieved them and slept with it over night, by the next morning the... read more »


03 Nov, 2019
thank you guys  read more »

acne be gone

02 Nov, 2019
The first thing I would like to discuss is the added bonus that comes with this package, the extractor.  On one end there is an open circle loop to remove blemishes such as whitehe... read more »


02 Nov, 2019
It works like magic and I'm not sure why! read more »

Pimple Patch Set

25 Oct, 2019
Nice set, it comes with 2 cards of patches that are small and medium, a tweezers and a zit popper tool with hoops. Everything you need is in this pkg. Apply the patch over the zit you want gone, pe... read more »

works fast

25 Oct, 2019
These patches are amazing, i put some on before i went to bed and when i woke up the redness was gone, and the pimple was almost gone. I am so happy i found these. I love that the patches come in a st... read more »

i love it

24 Oct, 2019
I checked out a bunch of brands and this seemed like the best value for the amount that comes in the package,. I put one on a pimple on my shoulder overnight, under my clothes, and it didn’t fal... read more »

An excellent way to heal acne! Love these healing patches - they are genius!

20 Oct, 2019
This is an excellent kit to help deal with acne and zits.  It comes with everything needed. Usually, I use a dot band-aide but it looks pretty bad, but with this kit, I simply wash my zit with so... read more »

So so

19 Oct, 2019
it works almost but really was hoping for better  read more »

My favorite acne patches!

19 Oct, 2019
I absolutely love these! They help so much and you can visibly see the difference. I had a huge pimple on my forehead, left these on overnight, and when the morning came, I could see the pus from the... read more »

Neat idea

17 Oct, 2019
I'm not sure how they work as I haven't needed one. Figures! Others say that it works great. Comes in different sizes for your needs. Makes sense to cover up for healing.  read more »


17 Oct, 2019
I love these! I admit I was skeptical at first but after my first use (this particular package was not my first time! but I have tried these ones out!) I was sold! They really do work great! And I oft... read more »

For the kids

16 Oct, 2019
If you've got teens, there are so many things to try, tried this too. Not much change yet, but can see subtle changes in a short amount of time.  read more »


12 Oct, 2019
These are very Convenient. Peel and stick and your done! I like to apply at night and take off in the morning.  #rankboosterreview #acne read more »


12 Oct, 2019
#RankBooster #Sponsored #Skywee Professional Products Great results! Very helpful for young adults and aged adults. Quick and easy to use. read more »

Absolutely wonderful!

12 Oct, 2019
I honestly swear by these, they work wonders. I put them on before bed and the next day my bump is gone, sometimes I can still feel the bump under my skin but it takes away the irritation and the read... read more »


04 Oct, 2019
 RankBoosterReview    #Sponsored iii    Acne Pimple Patch Healing Spot Patches, Hydrocolloid Acne Sticker..   Great  little patches that do the job... read more »


27 Sep, 2019
I keep up using it since i received it, it does eased some blemishes and redness. read more »

Hydrocolloid acne patches

22 Sep, 2019
I tried these with my friend to test it out because I was skeptical at first. We fell in love with these patches immediately!  They were easy to remove and easy to apply to our acne. It didn'... read more »

what every teen needs

22 Sep, 2019
bought this for my teenager daughter, they seem to be doing the job and helping with her acne. i would recommend this product to a friend read more »

Pimple Patches

19 Sep, 2019
SKYWEE PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS Acne Pimple Patch Healing Spot Patches, Hydrocolloid Acne Stickers Absorbing Spot Dot Acne Cover - Acne Dots Pimple Sticker Acne Pimple Master Patch Blemish Patches Acne T... read more »

Great product !

15 Sep, 2019
These really work ! I get occational acne and these work amazingly well . When I feel a pimple starting I put one of these on it at night and by morning it will be almost completly gone. I love thatb... read more »

Pimple patches

15 Sep, 2019
These are very thin and transparent acne dots. It is very absorbent and a bit thicker than the other. It does absorb pus and gross fluids from the acne. I used it overnight.  I have not use it un... read more »

ok so far

11 Sep, 2019
I ve used these for a few days and do not see any more differance than normal face washing.  read more »

Pimple Patches

11 Sep, 2019
These patches really help get rid of the redness when I have a pimple. I apply the patch at night and the swelling has gone down significantly from the day before. I love that it came with the little... read more »

easy to use and discreet

10 Sep, 2019
These acne patches come in a box along with a pair of tweezers and an acne tool. The acne patches come in 2 separate sealed packages, 1 sleeve of 2 different sizes in each. The acne tool has a pointed... read more »


10 Sep, 2019
Used overnight and could see a difference by morning.  read more »

You Will Love These!

07 Sep, 2019
These work great. The hydrocolloid material gives this product an edge over others. This package has 72 patches in 2 different sizes. This is more than enough and at this great affordable price which... read more »

Not the item I bought

04 Sep, 2019
I bought a 72pc acne patches but I recieved a box with only 36pcs and the box was different from the one shown above. read more »

Pimple patches

01 Sep, 2019
These are amazing and work so well!! I have like 8 sets of these and I use them often they go on clear and do there job!! read more »

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