Solar Bulb, PRODELI LED Lantern Tent Light Bulb for Camping Hiking Fishing Solar Panel Powered Emergency Light S-1500 150LM 1600mA [Upgraded Version]
Price: $12.99
4.89 / 5   (28 Reviews)


Very cool and useful

22 Apr, 2019
I love this thing, it works holds a charge and is easy to figure out out of the box. #RankBoosterReview read more »

Great for a backyard shed

01 Dec, 2018
I bought this to light up the backyard shed. There were no electrical power access from the shed and having to find a flashlight and holding it as I dig in what's in the shed is not working for me... read more »

The best thing out there

15 Oct, 2018
I really loved this light bulb works great and charges great. Lights up a bedroom I have used it during black outs and it has helped a lot I also use it in my kids bedroom as a night light since they... read more »


08 Oct, 2018
Thi solar light has been a savior. Great price and quality. Charges fast and is super bright. RankBoosterReviews,S... read more »

Best item on my survival kit

24 Sep, 2018
This is one of the best things on my survival kit. From previous experiences (Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico) I have been  without electry power for more than 25 days and it was very difficult at... read more »

Brilliant emergency light

16 Sep, 2018
This bulb is amazing!  Charge it by day, and you have light all night!  (Or several nights on a single charge if not left on constantly.  If you want to leave it on, you can.  It w... read more »

I love it

15 Sep, 2018
I love it. I was disappointed when it came because its small anf i think it will not work but it did! Its very bright. It light weight and portable. The chord is is perfect length.  read more »

Solar bulb

13 Sep, 2018
This is such a great solar bulb. It's super for camping and just lighting your house if power goes out. I really love it. It's super bright. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #PRODELI https:... read more »

Good one

11 Sep, 2018
This is what I been looking for. Like it. read more »

Must have on emergency kit!

10 Sep, 2018
This is a must have on every home for any emergency if power outage is lost.  Also great for camping! We also use them during the summer on our backyard!   read more »

Really bright and useful!

07 Sep, 2018
I am very impressed with the #PRODELI #LED #solar #light because it is very bright and charged up quickly. I want to get several more. These could have so many uses!  The first one is in my ki... read more »

Holds charge well

06 Sep, 2018
Used these all over my back patio and so far so good. #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #prodeli read more »

Nice Camping Light Bulb

03 Sep, 2018 I bought this solar light bulb for camping and emergencies. It works wonderfully for the booth. I keep this light bulb i... read more »

Very bright!

03 Sep, 2018
nice and bright for you! Does not use electricity but is a life saver when it comes to no power. Recommended to friends and family! read more »


01 Sep, 2018
I love this light! At night I hang the bulb between my dining room and living room, it's just as bright as if I had a lamp on medium and it even lights up my kitchen some (enough to... read more »

work pretty good

31 Aug, 2018
not very bright, but if you just need some light then it will be fine. read more »

I recommend it.

30 Aug, 2018
The quality is great. I recommend it. read more »

Awesome love it buying more

30 Aug, 2018
This little bulb is so convenient and easy to use. You can charge with USB cord or the little solar tab it comes with. This will be great the next time we have a black out. Pretty bright and much safe... read more »

This is a cool product.

29 Aug, 2018
We are really gonna have fun with this Lantern.  We are really looking forward to seeing if the solar panel can also charge other items.  It has an attached cable.  Love it so far. T... read more »

Great for camping

27 Aug, 2018
This is going in my camping bag. It charges via solar and is LED so it is very bright. It is great for the campground and the tent. I love having an emergency light just in case. It is easy to use and... read more »

Love Love Love this light

27 Aug, 2018
This light is wonderful. i got it for a backup to my garage light over the work bench and this became my new goto light. its so much more brighter than i thought it would be pushing almost close to a... read more »

I really like this

26 Aug, 2018
I have the solar in the window and the lightbalb by my bed.  It is awesome.  I love it.  It is a perfect light.  It doesn't get hot because it is solar.  Easy on and off s... read more »

I love it

24 Aug, 2018
I used it for emergency especially when electric power goes off. The wired solar panel is good idea so i can place it to the area in our window where direct sunlight hits. bright enough w... read more »

Great! As good as I had hoped

23 Aug, 2018
I already own a couple of these from another brand. I wasn't certain if I'd like this one as much as the ones I already owned. I let it charge for a full day in the sun and turned it on... read more »

Great for a tent

21 Aug, 2018
This Light Is Bright And Can Light Up A Tent So You Can See While Having A Good Time Camping  read more »

So Much solar

20 Aug, 2018
This solar bulb is perfect for camping, hiking fishing or just to have in case you loose power in the winter.  It is easy to get charged up and super easy to work.  It comes with the solar p... read more »

Solar bulb

17 Aug, 2018
So loving this solar bulb. It soaks up the sun and you then have a great bright bulb to light your tent when your camping.  Also if you have a power outage this bulb is awesome, no more looking f... read more »

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