Hot Water Bottle Hot Water Bag with Knit Cover 2L Thicked PVC Retains Heat for 6 Hours Winter Warm Relaxing Heat Cold Therapy
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Hot Water Bottle

12 Jul, 2020
I Love this hot water bottle. What makes it so cute is it has a floating fish which is a toy. I feel it up when I am have any discomfort In my body and it helps me to relax. I have been able to fall a... read more »

Hot Water Bottle with Sweater

18 Dec, 2017
The bag seems very well-made, it comes with cute knit cover that resembles a turtleneck sweater. The bottle capable of holding 2 liters of hot or cold water. You can use it to warm your tootsie on tho... read more »

Great hot water bottle! Highly recommend

03 Nov, 2017
Bought this for my daughter.  She absolutely loves great for cramps.   It has a cute little fish that floats around in it!  The cover is great and she loves the colors and... read more »

Sweater and a hot totty!

29 Oct, 2017
What is more comfy than a warm sweater--this hot water bottle! I aboslutely love and it is so comfy! read more »

Hot Water Bottle

27 Oct, 2017
The pvc is nice and thick on this water bottle. Comes with a really great sweater. There is just something so nostalgic about a hot water bottle!  read more »


25 Oct, 2017
This hot water bag is fantastic! I get awful lower back pain and hugging this or placing it on my my back has helped tramendously. The cover feels like a cozy sweater and the she'll detail is ador... read more »

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18 Oct, 2017 read more »

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