Purean Hard Wax Beans 10.6 oz – Stripless & Painless Depilatory Waxing Kit – Natural Lavender Hot Wax Beads – For Legs, Underarms, Brazilian Bikini, Eyebrow, Upper Lip, Face & Body
Price: $18.99
4.76 / 5   (21 Reviews)



18 Dec, 2018
Really nice wax. It Heats well and goes on smooth. Easy to pull to remove. Not as painful as most waxes. read more »

Save money do it yourself!

26 Apr, 2018
Recently decided to stop going to the salons & waxing spa's to cut down cost. Boy, it adds up quickly. So , I decided to invest in my own waxing kit. I bought the warmer and picked up this Pur... read more »

Remove hair the easy way!

23 Apr, 2018
I have been using wax for years but I knew it was time for a change. I started with the kind that goes in the microwave but I always had to through half the product away because it would stop melting.... read more »

Works good

17 Mar, 2018
Very happy i got these for my wax kit i have.  Easy to use and removes hair good but it is kinda stringy n messy.  Other then that they work good read more »

Lovely smelling lavender wax beans

16 Mar, 2018
Purean Hard Wax Beans 10.6 oz – Stripless & Painless Depilatory Waxing Kit – Natural Lavender Hot Wax Beads  I decided to get these wax beans because I personally don't lik... read more »

Wax Beans

25 Feb, 2018
We just bought a hot wax burner for waxing our legs and eyebrows so we couldn't wait to try these beans out in it. My daughter and her friend were the first to use them and they really liked them.... read more »

Great for sensitive skin

21 Feb, 2018
great for sensitive skin...used it on my new warmer and i love it..won’t shave again..and it leaves my skin so soft  read more »

Quality Wax

20 Feb, 2018
Quality wax! The wax is a beautiful color (dark purple) and has a lovely scent (lavender). The scent is not overwhelming, so people with allergies should have no problems. However, if you have allergi... read more »

These worked great

19 Feb, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/Purean-Hard-Wax-Beans-10-6/dp/B073VXP86N I got these two days after I ordered them and in great condition there lavender hard wax beans I didn't have a wax warmer and I d... read more »

Very Nice! (-:

19 Feb, 2018
These are very nice for your wax machine's they are a large bag for such a great price I would recommend these to everyone! (-: read more »

less pain waxing

16 Feb, 2018
I love these beads.  I hate waxing because it is so painful and leave you a little red.  Using these I have not had such a hard time waxing.  Now there is some pain but it is quick and... read more »

First Time Waxer

16 Feb, 2018
These beads were super easy to use and gave me fantastic results. I do not have a wax warmer so I melted these in the microwave and they did just fine. I did put a thick coat since it is hard wax, I w... read more »

Awesome deal!!

14 Feb, 2018
Works great!! Just apply and after just several seconds peal off. Works amazingly!!  read more »

Good product, really works.

14 Feb, 2018
The beads come in a cute bag, nicely packaged and are pretty lavender beads. The product should be hard save then spread over the coverage area until it solidify ACD then you peel it off. The one issu... read more »

I love these wax beans

12 Feb, 2018
I love these wax beans, they are perfect for my machine to heat hot wax, they melt very well, in 6 minutes they are ready to perform your waxing, they also leave your skin very soft and smooth... read more »

Smell great

12 Feb, 2018
These smell great and I love that I don’t have to use strips. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a great waxing. #rankboosterreview#sponsered#https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B073VXP86N... read more »

Hard Wax Beans

11 Feb, 2018
I was a little skeptical about these wax beans at first. Waxing is painful. The thought of it being less painful was funny until I actually tried these beans. First of all I forgot to get a wax warmer... read more »

Wish I Didn't Need These, BUT - Since I Do

11 Feb, 2018
I wish this wasn’t a necessity in my life. But, since it is, I’m thankful these work as well as they do. To fill up my heating pot, I used half the bag. I’ve waxed my lower arms twic... read more »

very impressed with this wax.

10 Feb, 2018
I was really excited to get this wax. I have always done the soft wax before this, but i was ready to try the hard wax. My first impresion she opening it and smelling it was that it smelled nothinglik... read more »

Hard wax is not painless, but it is the best wax you can use. Excellent purchase

09 Feb, 2018
Hard wax is a lot less painless than regular waxing with strips.  The differance is like night and day.  I am happy with this purchase.  I like it when the color of the wax is bright, s... read more »

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