Dog Training Clicker with Wrist Strap and Dog Whistle to Stop Barking Free Gift - 2 Puppy Rope Toys YYVIGO
Price: $11.99
4.80 / 5   (20 Reviews)


Great for behavior training

08 Feb, 2020
My adopted dog was completely untrained. Between the whistle, the clicker, and some positive reinforcement treats, he was well on his way to being a well trained dog quickly. He no longer pulls or jum... read more »

Nice dog training package!

20 Aug, 2018
My #Sponsored  #RankBoosterReview on my #YYVIGO Dog Training Clicker with Wrist Strap and Dog Whistle to Stop Barking Free Gift - 2 Puppy Rope Toys YYVIGO Product link: read more »

Nice set

26 Apr, 2018
nice set of anti barking tools. I have a cocker spaniel and it has really helped in her training  #RankBooster #Sponsored read more »

Pretty Amazing !!

01 Feb, 2018
I can't beleive it was this easy !  I have purchased in the past a dog training collar that you pressed a button to send a shock to the dog when it did something wrong.... This was a little b... read more »

Dog training clicker

26 Jan, 2018
This has been so help in training my pups. I love that it is two for the price of 1 since I have two pups. #rankbossterreview #sponsored #yyvigo read more »

Amazing Set

22 Dec, 2017
I absolutely love this set!  I am in the process of training my service dog and the clicker was the main thing that caught my attention.  When I saw that it came with two of them, I was even... read more »

Good tools for training

21 Dec, 2017
These seem to be good tools for training. I have been using them for a few days now and my dogs do seem to be responding to commands better than they did before we started using them. #RankBoosterR... read more »

Dog training

20 Dec, 2017
I bought Dog Training Clicker with Wrist Strap and Dog Whistle by YYVIGO. Comes with 2 clickers and 2 whistles. Also comes with 2 puppy ropes! The whistles don't rust and the clickers are very wel... read more »

Excellent kit ! It has everything you need to train your puppy.

20 Dec, 2017
This is great.  It literally has every single thing you can think of to train your puppy.  If this doesn't do it, you might need to take your dog to obidience school,  This is if yo... read more »

good for smaller dogs.

18 Dec, 2017
I have 3 dogs 2 dachshunds and a big lab mix. The big dog cared less about everything in the pack. They did not care about the clickers either. The whistles sent my littly dogs running and my big dog... read more »

Excellent product

18 Dec, 2017
This is great for our new puppy. I love it. She lives her new toys too! read more »

Great for a new puppy

16 Dec, 2017
Review 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dog Training  Comes with 2 clickers, 2 dog whistles, and 2 puppy or smaller dog ropes. Over all this is a decent pkg, especially if you have a new puppy to train. I'd sugg... read more »

Great training tools

15 Dec, 2017
My sister is in the process of training a service dog for her husband and i felt this training tool kit woukd benefit her perfectly and it has. I can say i am honestly impressed and would purchase aga... read more »


14 Dec, 2017
~ What ~ This kit contains 2 clickers, 2 whistles, and 2 twisted ropes to train a dog. The clickers come with corded rubber wrist straps and lobster-claw clasps, and the whistles can be adjusted in v... read more »

Willow loves

13 Dec, 2017
Very nice kids would fight over who will train her now both can and i love how its color coded read more »

Very helpful

03 Dec, 2017
Easy to use and very helpful in training puppies.  read more »

dog training strap

02 Dec, 2017
When we got our 3rd dog, a shepard, we knew we needed more help with training than we did with our other two rescues.  I love that it is safe and easy to  hear the click for the dog.  H... read more »


09 Nov, 2017
I bought these to share with my son for our dogs . They love the toys off course there made of good quality my dogs 145 pound mastiff hasn’t chewed through it yet. Clicker and whistles are m... read more »

When nothing else would work... this DID!

22 Oct, 2017
I have a BoChi that 's nearly a year old and while she is pretty well trained... she has a hard time with recall. She goes outside and when I call her to come back in she ignores me in favor of th... read more »

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