Drain Sticks Drain Stix Sink Sticks Drain Cleaner Deodorizer Sticks Drainstix for Preventing Future Clogs Eliminating Odor (Not Unclog Badly Clogged Drain) Septic Tank Safe
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4.41 / 5   (17 Reviews)


These work

27 Dec, 2020
These work pretty good. The only downfall is they break really easy. I had one box that were broken but I still used them.  read more »


22 Feb, 2020
These drain sticks worked better than I thought they would. I put two sticks in my clogged bathroom sink and in two days the clog was gone. The drain sticks dissolved the hair clog and didn't dama... read more »

Drain Sticks

06 Feb, 2020
My drains do not stink, so I don't know if these are actually working or not.  I am hoping they are preventing future clogs like advertised. read more »

Yes please

05 Feb, 2020
We are on a septic system and you know sometimes you get that smell come back bring it this is the perfect way to keep it from happening in between putting the rod x down every month read more »

Smell great

26 Jan, 2020
I opened just one pack and used it in my kitchen and bathroom and these small so good!  read more »

Works Great!

22 Jan, 2020
The drain sticks are eliminating odors!!!  Comes in pack of 48 pieces. Use it once a month on each drain/sink to eliminate odors and keep the drain unclog. The smell of the sink sticks are very s... read more »

smell good

10 Jan, 2020
easy to break but easy to just drop down the drain read more »

All I can say is WOW!

08 Jan, 2020
I really had NO expectations of this product doing what it claims. Boy was I surprised! My kitchen sink always drained super slow as did the bathroom. My tub would fill up while we showered and... read more »

Effective in controlling unpleasant odors

16 Dec, 2019
Have tried these drain sticks in kitchen & bathrooms. Easy to use & leaves a pleasant fragrance.  read more »

never imaging

13 Dec, 2019
Never imagine this will do the work. Great product and price.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T885W3K #RankBoosterReview#homatee read more »

Sadly, these don’t work

06 Dec, 2019
I tried this brand of sink drop ins because I couldn’t find SaniStinks locally. It was a great price for 4 packs. I only give the product 1 star, sadly.  Why?  - They break upon taki... read more »

Drano sticks

03 Dec, 2019
I put one in each drain frim the kitchen to the bathroom tub every where I was able to put a stick I didn't notice any changes I wonder if it's for the smells ! Anyway I did use them that'... read more »


03 Dec, 2019

Works on stinky sinks

01 Dec, 2019
I'm n oh t sure what's in it that makethis work, but it eliminated the odor in my bathroom sink. Can't say that it helps w it th clearing the drain. read more »


27 Nov, 2019
Drain Sticks Drain Stix Sink Sticks Drain Cleaner Deodorizer Sticks Drainstix for Preventing Future Clogs Eliminating Odor (Not Unclog Badly Clogged Drain) Septic Tank Safe.THe drain stix smell nice a... read more »

Septic safe

22 Nov, 2019
I love that these are septic safe because when i showed my husband thats the first thing he asked. Super easy to use and it does not clog up sink or interfere with it draining. The packaging is great... read more »

Arrived Quickly

17 Nov, 2019
Arrived very quick, I wasn't able to smell the sticks, some of them arrived broken in packs, will update in a few days of use.   read more »

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