MICKYU Amazing Floating Disk Air Hover Ball Toys Size 4 Boys Girls Kids Indoor Outdoor Sport Soccer Training Football Toy Board Games with Foam Bumpers and LED Lights
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04 Oct, 2019
This is a great product to have fun with! It works so well on a hard floor. Hovers great! The lights are fun as well. I just dont like the fact that it has loud music that you cant turn off! read more »

Fun and Entertaining for ALL Ages

17 Sep, 2019
I bought this hover ball for my three year old son for Christmas. He will love it, I'm sure. Perfect for an active and energetic child. It's fun for a 40 year old to play with also.....I know... read more »

Does Not Hover Properly - Hard Plastic Which Cracks

27 Aug, 2019
I actually requested a refund for this product becuase it does not hover like it is supposed to. My nephew was extremely disappointed with this product and I did purchase it for him. After about the t... read more »

Lots of fun!

02 Jul, 2019
My son loves to play soccer so I thought he would enjoy this. It us very easy to set up, just insert four AA batteries (not included) and it's ready for use. The hover soccer ball is perfect for r... read more »

Hover soccer ball

27 Jun, 2019
We love it!!! So much fun   read more »

Cute, wish music turned off

24 Jun, 2019
This was a cute little toy. My day liked playing with it. Only two downsides for me was that it doesn’t hover very high and the music won’t turn off. Lights are cool to play with. The hove... read more »

Great Toy for the Kids

25 Apr, 2019
The boys LOVED this toy.  The played with it most of the day. Great way for them to get excersise and, have an enjoyable day playing together! They set up goals on each end of the floor and, play... read more »

Great fun Indoors or Outside

16 Apr, 2019
I bought this toy by #MICKYU for my grandson to play with outside with his friends that came over for a playdate.  They were having tons of fun when it started to rain. They came inside to play a... read more »


26 Nov, 2018
It was cool and worked for about 2min. Kicked it lik 2 times and stopped working. Seller would not replace. read more »

This toy is neat!

09 Nov, 2018
My daughter loves this. Make sure you have a clean floor to play as it moves. Also make sure its hard floor. Carpet isnt the best. My daughter thought it was the neatest. The only downfall is the musi... read more »

Air Hover Fun!

17 Oct, 2018
I recently purchased this for my two boys. They have been asking for one of these for a while now. I am so pleased to see that they are enjoying it as much as they are. Its wonderful seeing them playi... read more »

Nice product

20 Sep, 2018
This is a very nice product. I am excited to give it to a special little boy for Christmas.  #rankboosterreview #sponsored #MICKYU read more »


15 Sep, 2018
My 2 yr old LOVES this toy just because he can kick it in the house and it won't fly up and break anything  read more »

A lot of fun

15 Sep, 2018
Well, at least for the kids it is fun but I still cringe waiting for something to break. I got this as an alternative to the little soccer ball they use because I do not allow any ball play in the hou... read more »

Lots of fun!

14 Sep, 2018
Kids had a lot of fun playing with this! Loved the hover feature, especially on a rainy day.    https://www.amazon.com/MICKYU-Floating-Training-Football-Passionate/dp/B0745CTJSJ #Sp... read more »

Hit with my 3 year old!

10 Sep, 2018
My 3 year old LOVES this toy. It works great and provides her run around fun, which makes me happy! Only downside is there is no option to turn on lights and air without sound.. .and trust me, this th... read more »


06 Sep, 2018
Completely in love with the product read more »

hover ball

04 Sep, 2018
I bought this for an almost 2 yr old that loves to waht his sister play soccer,  When he saw this , his own soccer ball that lights up it was the cutest thing ! now he can kick it around the hous... read more »

Great for kids

03 Sep, 2018
If you want something to keep the kids active for awhile invest in this hoverball.  Keeps them active while they are having fun.  Worth the money read more »

Fun... But loud

02 Sep, 2018
This is definitely perfect for rainy or cold days. Easy to use, seems like great quality. With 2 boys, I was worried about it breaking right away. However, that was not the case. Only downfall is the... read more »

Disk Air Hover Ball

31 Aug, 2018
I really like this Hover Ball i have never owned one before nor seen anything like it before. Its very interesting and keeps kids busy. What i do love is it does play sound and lights up so u can play... read more »

Hover Ball

30 Aug, 2018
Very neat toy for children. Kept my 9 year old occupied for a solid hour which is pretty good considering his attention span. Easy to set up easy to understand directions.  read more »

Great toy

28 Aug, 2018
Kids loved it they play with it for hours read more »

You have to buy this!!! Its so much fun!!

28 Aug, 2018
This is just like the one you see on tv, I have had the best time with my kids when we play with this hover ball. It is so simple to use, so easy to place the batteries. After you put the battires in... read more »

Everyone Loved It

27 Aug, 2018
I purchased this as a birthday gift. Everyone LOVED it!! Even the Adults! It was hilararious, and so much fun. We did eventually have to put it away, because the kids started fighting over who was... read more »

Very amusing for a young child

27 Aug, 2018
This light -up floating soccer ball by Mickyu is a great toy for a younger child. It slides along smooth floors effortlessly while playing upbeat music. It requires batteries. If anything, I would pre... read more »

This floating disk hovers over the floor!

25 Aug, 2018
This is a fun toy- it hovers above the ground and can be kicked around for a fun group activity.  It offers flashing lights and has bumpers to protect the walls and/ or the toy from bumps. ... read more »

Fun toy

25 Aug, 2018
My grandson loves this toy.  I bately got it out of the box before he snatched and ran with it.  read more »

Fun toy!

25 Aug, 2018
My son absolutely loves this ball. It's easy to use and it even works on grass.  #rankboosterreview #sponsored #mickyu read more »

Very cheap material

25 Aug, 2018
Great first few times but after like the 10th kick around it slowly breaks down on you. read more »

kids love it

25 Aug, 2018
Cute toy for kids and even adults. Plays music and lights up. I wasn't expecting much since it's made of plastic and styrofoam but I was shocked at how neat it is. Grandkids love it. #RankB... read more »

Need strong batteries

22 Aug, 2018
This thing is awesome for the kids they love it only tho g is is it goes through batteries like no other. Almost can't afford to keep up with it  read more »

Floating disk

22 Aug, 2018
This toy is awesome. I have six kids that play with this. All sorts of kids around the neighborhood come to the park to play with this. It hovers its so neat. When i first opened it and put batteries... read more »

works as described

20 Aug, 2018
works great on hard flat indoor surfaces read more »

fun for the whole family

20 Aug, 2018
My youngest has been wanting a hover ball for a while now and I just never seen the appeal. Why not just use a regular soccer ball. When we finally got one I notice its like a hockey puck but 5 times... read more »


20 Aug, 2018
Awesome toy. My sons love it!  read more »

Nice lights

19 Aug, 2018
Ok it hovered, not very high but could have been the batteries. Music was annoying and can't be turned off. Takes 4 AA batteties. The lights though were remarkable. My mom likes that her walls wer... read more »


18 Aug, 2018
This MICKYU Air Hover Ball Toys Floating Disk Soccer Kids Indoor Outdoor Board Games Training Football Toy Music LED Lights is cool for indoor play with the risk of breaking stuff I recommend you chec... read more »

Amazing floating disk air hover ball toy

17 Aug, 2018
 The kids absolutely love this hover ball. The dog likes it too, lol. This toy keeps them busy for awhile.  It hovers nice and glides across the floor. Great gift for your kids. I am so happ... read more »

Sent to a friend

17 Aug, 2018
Haven't heard from his mom yet, but assume he is getting a kick out of this toy. read more »

Yep - does what it's supposed to

15 Aug, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #mickyu  http://a.co/j1xERAQ read more »

Great toy

13 Aug, 2018
My son loves this ball and so do I because it can't damage my tv's or anything else in my home This has become my son's favorite toy. The only downside I have is that my 1 year old wants n... read more »

Kids love it

13 Aug, 2018
Got this for the kids to play with, super cute toy and keeps them busy.  read more »


12 Aug, 2018
These are really cool but the music is really annoying after a couple minutes.  PLEASE dear manufacturer put an on off switch on it for the sound! read more »

Hours of fun

08 Aug, 2018
This awesome toy has withstood a lot of play time and it is still going strong! The lights flash and the only reason I give it 4 stars is because the music is loud and drives me crazy and there's... read more »


08 Aug, 2018
My kids love this and play for hours! It comes in handy on bad weather days and is something that gets them all playing together! #rankboosterreview  read more »

Cool toy

07 Aug, 2018
Cool little toy for the kids for the price, actually a pretty unique idea.  Kids love it!! read more »

Rainy day relief

22 Jul, 2018
When they are stuck inside now they can still get their exercise. They play and get tired out. Makes nap time even easier. read more »


20 Jul, 2018
Got this for a 3 yr old for his birthday and he loves it! read more »

fun toy

28 Jun, 2018
i love this thing and so does my dog he loves to chase it thru the house read more »

Hover Ball

25 Jun, 2018
A cool toy for kids on those rainy days when you find that they are bored with their toys and all the cartoons on TV are repeats. It takes 4 double AA batteries (not included) and ear plugs for Mom( a... read more »

kids love it

24 Jun, 2018
omg i never in a million years would have thought i would be playing hover ball but this is the best thing ever if you have a house with wood floors then this is perfect for your kids and even you dog... read more »

Fun for the kids

16 Jun, 2018
My niece plays soccer and has so much fun with this when she’s not at practice or a game. Great gift i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #MICKYU read more »

hover ball

14 Jun, 2018
I got this ball for my son cause he loves soccer he likes how it lights up and its perfect for this summer outoors its not a hard ball so i love that also it has foam bumpers on it so when he is playi... read more »

Cool toy

13 Jun, 2018
My son and his friend spent hours kicking this thing around on the last rainy day. Don't forget the batteries though or it doesn't glide. read more »

Awesome for indoor and outdoor use

13 Jun, 2018
Got this for a rainy day activity and my kids enjoy it. The ball hovers nicely, the net is durable and good quality read more »

Great Concept

12 Jun, 2018
This is a pretty neat little toy. My 4 year old grandson was a little upset by it because u really cant play it out in the grass or kick it super hard. It is more like a air hockey game that you can m... read more »

Great toy

06 Jun, 2018
Great fun toy the kids love it I like watching them play with it good fun seems to be built well should last a while until they break it highly recommended #RankBoosterReview  read more »

Cool Indoor Soccer Ball

05 Jun, 2018
I have three sons, 6, 3, 3 (twins) and they love playing with this ball. It keeps them occupied for a long time and then they need to take a nap, they are so tired. i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Spons... read more »


03 Jun, 2018
This is a cool fun little toy!  it does hover but doesnt really get to high off the ground.  Great for a young kid! read more »

Safe and Fun

03 Jun, 2018
Excellent!! Safe and fun toy. Great for the little ones. Floats well on our hardwood floors. Recommend this item to anyone looking for that new exciting "play catch' style toy. #RankBoos... read more »

Hours and hours of fun!

31 May, 2018
I bought this for my niece and she absolutely loves it! Its safe to play in the house without any worries about damaging or breaking anything. It's great to have to play on rainy days or days your... read more »

Fun,But Breaks Quickly

30 May, 2018
I'll admit I was super skeptical at what a HoverBall would do. But I was surprised that this actually worked fairly well. The ball requires 4 AA batteries-not included- to power the fans that m... read more »

Great. Toy

27 May, 2018
git for grandson he loves it.  read more »

Kids liked it

23 May, 2018
It was a little smaller than I thought it would be. Would give more stars if I could turn off the sounds it makes, it's a bit   obnoxious.  Overall the kids had fun playing with it.... read more »

So so it is a china one so maybe they can get one that works for us will see

21 May, 2018
My daughter had fun with the hover ball but it doesn’t really float. She enjoyed kicking it across the floor. She is 2 and it isn't a big deal but I would buy for anyone older it is more che... read more »

Hours of Fun

15 May, 2018
This hover ball is so much fun! My 5 year old daughter loves kicking it around the house. It floats on a cushion of air which allows it to glide over any smooth surface. It is the same size as a size... read more »


14 May, 2018
I got this for my kids not knowing exactly how it worked. They LOVE it. It glides above the floor. Takes 4 AA batteries that I thought would run out quickly, but have held up. They ask to play it... read more »

Great fun for kids

13 May, 2018
This is a get up and move activity for all ages! It works great on a smooth surface but not so great on concrete that has weathered. I love the fact that this has the foam bumper on it so it bounces o... read more »

Floating Disk

10 May, 2018
My grandson loves flying objects and even more when it has light. He is going to get many flying hours on this. #RankBoosterReviewii#Sponsorediii#Mickyu https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0745CTJSJ... read more »


09 May, 2018
The kids like this for the most part. It does go well on the kitchen and hard wood floors. It does not go on grass at all. The only thing that we do not like is the music and how loud it is. If it had... read more »

So much fun..

09 May, 2018
I got this for my grandson but as it turned out it's a whole family game! The family has hardwood floors and this has become the favorite indoor rainy day game to play. Even the adults join in the... read more »

Great for indoor or outdoor fun

05 May, 2018
MICKYU MICKYU Air Hover Ball Toys Floating Disk Soccer Training Football Toy Size 4 Boys Girls Kids Indoor Outdoor Board Games with Passionate Music and Colorful LED Lights   This is a... read more »

Hover ball

19 Apr, 2018
Perfect for toddlers or larger babies. This toy floats on a thin layer of air, it only works on hard tile surfaces. It takes 4 AA Batteries and lasts for hours on end. Made of durable Plastic and foam... read more »

Such a neat toy!

17 Apr, 2018
I bought this for my son who is about to turn three. He is definitely loving it!  read more »


15 Apr, 2018
It is a battery operated hover ball. You twist the locks and they open a battery compartment. Takes 4 AA batteries. (Not included) Flip the power switch set it down on a flat surface and let the fun b... read more »

so fun

15 Apr, 2018
i use this to play with my dog, she runs and plays with it.  so fun, #rankbooster#mickyu read more »

you family will love too!!!

13 Apr, 2018
what can i say more!!! This was fun for my family, playing both indoor and outdoor. With foam bumper and LED light, you can paly and not worry about damaging anything. My family love it and I know you... read more »

Great Family Fun

06 Apr, 2018
This item is great for the family! It is battery operated to my surprise but still functions no less than a battery charged product. It glides and also has lights. The children love it and have been o... read more »

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