FOREWELL AA AAA High-Power High-Capacity Alkaline Batteries, Especially For High-Power Appliances, 1.5AA (LR6 AM3 2800mAH) And AAA (LR3 AM4 1200mAH). A Total Of 22 Packets (2 Board) Real High Capacity

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Published on 08 Jan, 2018

AA AAA High-Power High-Capacity Alkaline Batteries, Especially for High-Power Appliances, 1.5VAA (LR6 AM3 2800mAH) and AAA (LR3 AM4 1200mAH), A Total of 22 Packets (2 Board)Real High Capacity. details
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I am always needing batteries around the house so I was happy to find these FOREWELL High-Power, High-Capacity Alkaline Batteries that include both AA and AAA batteries. You get 12 AAA and 10 AA batteries which is perfect for my Remote Controls, Bluetooth Keyboard, Flashlights, Headlamps, Hand-held Magnifier, Lighted Mirror, Toys, Lanterns, Wall Clocks and so much more.


The company does also offer a 24 pack of the AAA or a 20 count pack of the AA batteries which vary in price. I had recently purchased the 24 pack of the AAA batteries and have been very pleased with the quality and performance of them. They really came in handy at Christmas with all the children's gifts that required batteries.


Here is some information taken from the Amazon product description page:


Product Name:AA Alkaline Battery(LR06)&&AAA Alkaline Battery(LR03) a:Excellent leakage proof performance . b:Excellent discharge capacity .c. Unique explosion protection capability d. Excellent storage stability e.Reaching the environmental requirements of the developed countries in Europe and America.


Nominal voltage: 1.5V,End-point Voltage:0.9VHigh capacity, high performance, high quality ,Suitable for high current discharge


Nominal Capacity: AA: 2800mAh & AAA: 1200mAh With a long discharge time, and stable and continuous discharge performance, used in the lighting electrical test will be able to clearly see the product of high quality


Average weight: AA:23.0~23.5g & AAA:11.0~12.0g Do not understand the battery performance of the friend test the weight will be able to know the production of raw materials is not reduced, To ensure adequate capacity, performance stability


Mercury & Cadmium:0% Guaranteed Shelf Life: 36 months We also ensure that the product is environmentally friendly and low discharge rate at the same time, but also to ensure that the three-year storage period is still to maintain sufficient power.


Product description


The alkaline batteries almost used the world's most advanced technology, Also represents the alkaline bhigher level, Especially in the use of high-power electrical appliances you will be pleasantly surprised.

Alkaline batteries are successful high-capacity dry batteries, but also one of the performance-cost ratio of the battery. Alkaline batteries are based on manganese dioxide as the cathode, zinc as the anode, potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte. Its characteristics than the carbon battery to the excellent, large capacity. The chemical formula is: Zn + MnO2 + H2O → Mn (OH) 2 + ZnO. Alkaline batteries are used in the structure of the electrode opposite to the ordinary battery structure, increasing the relative area between the positive and negative, and with a high conductivity of potassium hydroxide solution instead of ammonium chloride, zinc chloride solution, From the sheet to change into granular, increased the reaction area of the negative, combined with the use of high-performance electrolytic manganese powder, so the electrical performance can be greatly improved, the general, the same type of alkaline batteries is the capacity of ordinary batteries and discharge time Of the 3-7 times the low temperature performance of the gap between the two, alkaline batteries are more suitable for high current continuous discharge and high operating voltage requirements of the occasion, especially for cameras, flash, razor, electric toys, CD Machine, high power remote control, wireless mouse, keyboard and so on.



These batteries are so handy to have around the house, are great quality and I do recommend them. You may purchase the FOREWELL AA AAA High-Power High-Capacity Alkaline Batteries, Especially for High-Power Appliances, 1.5VAA (LR6 AM3 2800mAH) and AAA (LR3 AM4 1200 mAH), A Total of 22 Packets, (2 Board) Real High Capacity sold by Hardware Electronics for $15.98 with Prime on Amazon. They also have a coupon right now for an extra $3.00 off which is a great savings.


I have enclosed the link to the product below which I purchased on Amazon:


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Price: $14.98



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