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Published on 05 Apr, 2018

Wireless Mouse SOWTECH 2.4Ghz Portable Mobile Optical Mouse with Nano Receiver for Notebook PC Laptop and MacBook - Black
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I use my laptop for most of my work and my usb ports have nearly all gone out in it leaving me with just one good one left. I have been using a usb hub with it, plugging my wireless mouse in to the hub. But sometimes I need to unplug my mouse from the hub and plug it directly in to the laptop itself and the dongle for the wireless capabilities broke, leaving me with exposed components that worried me, as well as made it nearly impossible to remove. I desperately needed a new one and snagged this review item as soon as I saw it come available.   You get the mouse and the dongle in this set. The dongle ships in the battery compartment, making it rattle when you take it out. But that is so much better than having it ship loose and rolling around in the box. I have had dongles get lost when they shipped this way before, having gone through numerous wireless mice at this point. I appreciate them packaging it this way so I knew where to find it.   It took a little work for me to get the battery cover opened, but at least I know that it will be secure when closed. Once I got it open, I was able to take out the dongle and plug it in. I didn't realize just how bad my old dongle had gotten until I saw the new one. My old one was looking REALLY bad.   The mouse is black with no frills or fancy colors. It is simple and functional. It is ergornomically shaped, fitting in to the hand comfortably and naturally. There are textured areas on the sides to give it more grip and keeping it from slipping in your hands. You have buttons on the side for up and down, allowing to to adjust settings on your computer with it. I always find these to be annoying, though, since I find myself hitting them accidentally and turning the volume up on my laptop. But I do my best to NOT hit them and make unwanted changes.  There is a scroll wheel on top for easy scrolling on pages, as well as a DPI button.   I had no clue how the DPI button worked or what it was for. With my old mouse I hit that when my mouse turned itself off and I needed it again and it connected to the dongle once more. In my video, I erroneously assumed that was it's purpose, but even stated I wasn't sure what it is was for specifically. I know now, having looked it up. The DPI button is for "dots per inch" and adjusts the speed of your mouse so that you can adjust things when doing pixel heavy work - like graphics design and modification.   Unlike my old mouse, this one has an on and off switch on the underside allowing you to turn it on and off easily. My old mouse didn't have one, and I always worried that the battery would run down quickly. But it seemed to shut itself off after so long of non-use, so I wasn't overly worried. I do appreciate knowing that I can turn this one off and on, though. Unfortunately, I haven't used it yet. I still do the same as always - working without shutting it off and letting it turn itself off when it is not in use. I have noticed that as I sit and type these reviews it will shut off and I have to push a mouse button to get it to come back on for me to use it again. I am glad to see the shut off is so low, saving battery life for me when I am busy with typing.   This mouse requires two triple A batteries. My old mouse only used one double A, which was great because it was simply one battery to have to deal with. But two batteries is not bad. I don't have to carry mass amounts of batteries with me when I carry my laptop with me outside of the home, and I am impressed with the life of the batteries thanks to the automatic off feature of the mouse. So much more convenient than my old wireless mice which I felt were always running out.   I do seem to have trouble getting the mouse to connect sometimes, though. I am not sure if it is a flaw with the dongle and mouse, or if it is my usb port which is not going to last for much longer. I am in need of a new laptop soon and won't be able to get much more out of this one, sadly. But for the time being, I am eeking as much life out of it as possible. So the connectivity issues I sometimes notice, which are not huge and often, could be a result of my aging laptop.   Overall, this is proving to be a great wireless mouse. I have been happy with the performance and it is doing exactly what I need it to do. I love the on/off features, both the automatic and the switch. I would have no problem buying this mouse again if need be, and even at full price since I got this at a lowered price for review purposes.   #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #SOWTECH #laptopmouse #wirelessmouse #computermouse #mouse
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Price: $8.99

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