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Posted by Charmayne Rush
Published on 23 Jun, 2018

(Updated 2018, 3-Color RGB) Backlit Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse and Multimedia Keys, 2.4Ghz USB Rechargable Handheld Remote Control Keyboard for PC, HTPC, X-BOX, Android TV Box,Smart TV
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I purchased this to use with the laptop that I keep connected to my television as sort of a multimedia device. Since the laptop sits next to the television, I obviously need something that is wireless to control the laptop with. I mean, I could use a wired keyboard and mouse, or walk up to the computer to change everything, but that would be really annoying. Wires are messy, and getting up and walking over to the computer every time that I need to change something just gets time consuming and ends up with me trying to bring the laptop to sit next to me, causing more wires that can be tripped over. That leaves me with a few options, such as a wireless mouse and keyboard combo, or something along the lines of this product, a wireless mini keyboard with touchpad mouse. Since I really didn’t want to deal with both a mouse and a keyboard, but wanted the ability to use them when needed, this product became the best choice for me.

This remote incorporates a small, but fully functional, keyboard, and a mousepad that works pretty much exactly like that of a laptop. It’s about the size of a video game controller, and looks a lot like one really. There are even PC gaming control keys built in for those of you that like to game on the PC, but like the feeling of a console controller. I haven’t personally tried it for gaming, as I don’t really game on my laptop much, but it feels as if it would work well and seems to have all of the buttons that would make it fully functional for gaming. There are also multimedia keys which do come in handy when watching movies and shows.

The remote is small enough to be comfortable in your hands, and is light enough to be easily held in one hand when necessary. It is connected to the laptop (in my case) or the gaming system, television, projector, etc. via a wireless dongle that can be stored inside of the remote when it is not in use. It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that stays charged for a long time. Since it sleeps and wakes automatically, it helps to keep the remote battery from quickly dying. I think it was at least a week before we needed to recharge it after the initial use. Recharging is very easy as it comes with a charging cable that can easily be plugged into any USB port.

The remote itself feels solid, and the keys have a nice tactile feeling to them. Since I love mechanical keyboards, I greatly enjoy the feedback you get when clicking the buttons on this remote. I am really not a huge fan of most mousepads, but this one isn’t too bad, and even comes with a sort of scroller section on the right side of it. Once you get used to it, it becomes pretty much second nature to you. The backlight on this remote makes it so that you can even use it in the dark, and the ability to change colors makes it much more customizable and fun than many remotes that you can purchase.

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Price: $15.99



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