Fantastic faux pearls that your dog won't mind wearing, elastic & very stetchy & comfortable for your pets, bpth cats & dogs!

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Published on 18 Feb, 2018

PET SHOW Fashion Two Rows Rhinestone Faux Pearl Elastic Pet Cat Puppy Small Dog Necklace Collar Jewelry Grooming Accessories Lilac Size L Pack of 1
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This doggie necklace made by Pet Show is entirely for the effect of the appearance of it on your lovely pup and how cute it looks with them wearing it like a little dog necklace that way that a human would wear a necklace like this.  It's very fashionable and can turn your pup into a doggy diva instantly.  The dog necklace features 2 rows worth of colored beads (we ordered the light pink aka lilac because the blue was all out and not available), along with sparkling rhinestones and a faux pearl necklace type look and feel.  You can put this over/on top of your dog's regular collar and they are good to go, it's that quick and easy to use and my Kali girl looks adorable in it.  It fits her very well, we ordered the large and it fits very well on her.  They are very fashionable and fun to have your dog wear them and do not bother or harm your pup either.  The soft color of pink is very nice and the shiny stones make it even more appealing to look at.  These are handmade and have elastic in the bands, giving it a bit more stretch and some flexibility to it for the best fit for your pup.  They come in 3 different sizes, but all are aimed towards smaller sized breeds and none of them are bigger than 12 inches around, which is such a shame if you have a larger pet and need a larger size dog necklace for them to fit into it.  It seems comfortable to my dog for her to wear and it's nicely durable and seems like it will last for a long time if properly cared for.  This necklace can be put on and worn by either cats or dogs.  My Kali does not mind it, but my cats are refusing to have anything to do with the necklace and they avoid it like the plague.  I think it's more of the principle of the matter to my cat's than it is anything else.  My cats have a bigger than life attitude and they show it off frequently.  The faux pearl styled necklace is very pretty and the stones in it are shiny and sparkle well against the light pink lilac color.  It's a great way to make your dog look prettier and helps aid in making them look more freshly groomed, especially when worn after a bath and maybe also after a quick shave of her overgrown fur for a bit.  My Kali pup looks beautiful and so cute and sweet in this and it's ideal for her to wear for all sorts of occasions and events, even if it's just to cheer us both up for the day, or on days when she seems like she would like to feel really extra pretty.  She acts like she does not mind it at all and like it's very comfortable for her to wear, so I put it on her frequently for the fun and stylish look of it.  It's amazingly adorable when she is wearing it and gives her a soft, more feminine look.  I'm super happy with these and will be keeping an eye out for when the other colors are back in stock and available again as I do intend to buy her more, at least another one in the color blue for sure!  My only qualm with it is that I do wish they made larger sizes as well as these are adorable and would look cute on any precious pooch.






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Price: $7.99

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