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Published on 16 Sep, 2018

Yousha100Pcs Compressed Facial Mask, Grain Dry Sheet Paper Mask, DIY Natural Face mask sheet Cotton Mask Sheet, With Free Mask Bowl for skin care(100pcs)
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Well, I thought these were going to be pretty awesome. The package looks like a big bag of horse pills. You get a lot of these compressed masks. And if you're looking for directions on this package I hope you can read the language. No instructions. Here are their instructions per Amazon: This is a dry compressed mask. It does not have the lotion, follow the below steps to DIY your mask
➧ Remove the cover, put the mask in a small bowl
➧ Immerse it with water or cosmetic facial care liquid until it spread to a piece of mask
➧ Well clean your face and unfold the soaked mask, apply it on your face
➧ Take it off in about 10-15 minutes

Now hence they said "water" and "it spread to a "piece" of mask. 

Now if you are like me, you probably want to submerge the mask into your serum. Or apply your serum to the compressed mask and the mask soak up the serum. With the test I did, I was not impressed. As a reviewer, I had several bottles of hyaluronic acid. So I thought I'd try this and see how much is this thing going to take. I put in the little bowl and applied 4 to 6 dropper full to fully saturate the top of the compressed mask in the bowl provided. I waited 5 mins and still seen the serum on top. So I gave it another 5 mins and still the same. So then I'm like ok let it sit another ten. It finally looked like after this time of 20 mins that it has soaked in. Only to find out when I flipped the compressed mask over (it still at this time is a compressed circle) That it was dry in the middle. So now I apply More serum to the compressed mask. About 3 droppers full. And I waited. Now by this time, I think I just about used half a bottle of serum. And most of a women's serum products aren't cheap. I'd rather use the 2-3 at most on my fingertips to apply to my face. And use one of the facial devices I have to penetrate the serum. Instead of wasting the product. ( Yeah, they're going to say: " This let the product stay on your face and absorbs into your skin"  And I'm only stating from my experience. But they do state:  You need an additional facial product (such as egg, milk, syrup) when you use. (I have fixed their grammar in all statements). Now with my testing this product, From their list of items to soak mask.  Let's see Egg that seem pretty thick. Better blend the hell out of it. and wait for an hour for it soak in the mask. And then the potential for Bacteria. Milk, Well, I can't really argue that. Syrup. Now the definition of Syrup: a thick sticky solution, the concentrated juice of a fruit or plant, Pharmacology. a concentrated sugar solution that contains medication or flavoring. Now I can't even get the serum to soak all way through. And they recommend egg and syrup.)           As I tried to open the mask it was still dry in the middle. So I added more serum to the open compressed mask trying to get serum in all the dry parts and let it sit once again. It was not what I was expecting in a face mask to put all this work and product into it.  I was so hoping this was going to be simple. Just add my product, Put on my face, Relax.  No!  So now I got to do another test. And really wasn't wanting to put my $48 Lancome Toner on the line. But I had to see the absorbance of this mask. And the timing it was going to take and how long it lasted.  I added 1/2 tbsp of toner and it absorbed right away and I saw it puff a little. So I added another 1/2 tbsp and it got bigger.  By this time there was a tremendous difference from when I had applied serum to the compressed mask. With the toner being like water this mask absorbed it up. With the serum and it being of a thicker consistency, it doesn't do well. Now with toner, it probably is going to evaporate before you put it on your face. The mask will still be damp but nothing I can see and feel that would actually be absorbed by your skin. I'll still try different products and will update in the future if anything works. For now, I don't see wasting your serums on this product. It's just too compressed to absorb thick consistency products. Maybe on the outside, a little and you have to flip and add more product. But it just can't penetrate the center. I really think this is a good idea. But it's more for a water-like consistency product. You could always use 1/2 tbsp of toner (or water) to soften it up and squeeze it to get the excess out than apply your serum. Only thing I could think of to make these work, especially when you have a bag of 100pcs. I still gave it 3 stars because it's a cool idea, just needs work. Maybe not so compressed. But for me, I was a little disappointed.   #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Yousha

Price: $12.99



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