So much space! I can hold everything I need to carry in here easily!

Posted by Charmayne Rush
Published on 21 Jun, 2018

Credit Card Wallet Leather RFID Card Case Wallet for Women Huge Storage Capacity (Black)
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I will be the first to admit that I don’t often carry purses or wallets. I’m more of a “shove everything in your pockets and go” kinda girl. So, when I was initially offered a chance to try out this wallet, I figured it would be nice for when I go out and my outfit doesn’t have pockets. Now that I have it though, I am thinking it might become a more integral part of my daily life. The amount of space that it provides and the issues I have with losing stuff in my pockets has made me believe that this might be a good place to store my stuff on a regular basis.

I was completely surprised when I realized how much space there is in this wallet, and how easy it would be to store my stuff in. There are 36 pockets that fit credit card sized cards perfectly…or pretty much anything you can fold into a thin shape along those lines. There are also two thicker pockets and two thinner pockets along the walls of the wallet for different items. The pockets along the wall would be great for cash as they are long enough for unfolded bills to fit in perfectly and not easily move around or slide out. The two thick pockets are large enough to fit a number of things in. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (which is a huge phone), and it will easily fit in either of these pockets. I would say that the majority of phones on the market would fit in these pockets, though there will definitely be some exceptions. Also, because the pockets are meant for thicker items, I’m not afraid of possibly damaging my phone when it is in there. While there is no specific place to store coins, you could easily fit a small coin purse in there or put the coins in the other thin pocket against the wall (which is what I did). Since the wallet zips up, you are not going to lose any of them, though you might have to be concerned that they would end up in different areas of the wallet if they are not secured. I will say that I personally tested putting a few coins in one of the thin side pockets, zipped up the wallet, and shook it around just to see what would happen. The coins stayed in place and did not end up all over the place, which was my main fear. I don’t know what would happen if you put a bunch in there though, so it’s up to the user to determine how they would like to handle coins.

The wallet itself is completely black with a silver zipper, which means that it will match pretty much anything, and the leather outside is soft to the touch. The material inside looks nice and is well put together. I didn’t find any seams that were coming undone or other issues in how everything is assembled.  The zipper is easy to move both ways and I had no issues with it getting stuck or feeling like it would easily come undone. The zipper pull is of a nice design and feels very solid. If you are one that loses things easily and needs a way to locate your wallet, this would be a good place to add a tracking fob, which is my intention. That way I will always be able to find my wallet if I lose it. The other option would be to put the fob inside of the wallet, but I am not sure if the RFID Blocking would cause problems with the transmission of the fob. Speaking of RFID Blocking, this wallet does have that feature, so if you are concerned about someone pickpocketing you on a digital level, this wallet will ensure the security of your personal data.

Additional thoughts: I really wish this had a wrist strap of some sort, but I may be able to get one and attach it to the zipper pull, thus effectively fixing that negative.

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Price: $19.99



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