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    Posted 14 Oct, 2019 | By Elena Crawford | Under patio
    #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #KORAM Garden Hose Quick Connector Starter Set Nice starter set for the outdoor enthusiast.  will easily fit in a pouch or small tool box. Great to have nearby.  
  • Posted 13 Oct, 2019 | By Amanda Norman | Under patio
    I got these, because I wanted to use another system. The ones I had used previously were getting a little worn, and several parts had been broken. It was just time for a new one. I got these as a replacement and they works great. It makes it way easi...
  • Posted 26 Sep, 2019 | By crystal lipscomb | Under patio
    KORAM 100ft 1/4" Blank Distribution Tubing Irrigation Gardener's Greenhouse Plant Cooling Suite Watering Drip Repair and Expansion Kit Accessories Include Universal Spigot Connector IR-2F. My brother is pretty handy and worked out the kinks....
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 13 Aug, 2019 | By katie price | Under tools & home improvement
    Amazing quality and awesome product    #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #Koram
  • Posted 21 Sep, 2018 | By Derek Strong | Under patio
    I've been working on starting some plants. I have a few plants I've started from seeds that fit perfectly in these little flower pots. I also have a few succulents that I'm starting. I put a bit of coconut fiber at the bottom and then put...
  • Posted 04 Sep, 2018 | By Trisha Smith | Under patio
    In my backyard we have a wrought iron fence around our patio area that was a requirement for our foster care licensing. It is bland and boring - just plain black wrought iron bars that are 6 feet tall. I try to fancy them up with things like solar li...
  • Posted 23 Aug, 2018 | By Chawn Odell | Under patio
    Koram IR-D Blank Distribution Tubing Watering Drip Kit, 1/4-Inches. Worked great in my flower beds. easy to install, makes watering a breeze! just turn it on and you're done!
  • Posted 11 Aug, 2018 | By Eva Connover | Under patio
    Got this as a different and interesting planter to use with herbs. Is made of thick felt and even though  it's marketed for many plants I would not use it with anything other than herbs because it would become to heavy. I will only use outdo...
  • Posted 09 Aug, 2018 | By Suzanne | Under patio
    My husband and I love this hanging garden.  It's great for herbs or flowers.  And it keeps the herbs where the squirrels cannot get them. This would laos make a great gift for someone loving plants but live in an apartment/condo. ...
  • Posted 20 Jul, 2018 | By Chawn Odell | Under patio
    KORAM 7 Pockets Vertical Garden Wall Planter Living Hanging Flower Pouch Green Field Pot Felt Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mount Balcony Plant Grow Bag for Herbs Vegetables and Flowers (10pcs of Plant tags). Great for growing your own Herb Garden right in you...
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