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  • Posted 06 Dec, 2018 | By Carol Green | Under beauty & personal care
    This is an excellent tweezer set with quality tweezers and a beautiful case that is a pleasure to use.  I really love this new set.  #RankBoosterReview
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 12 Feb, 2018 | By Cammie Kersey | Under beauty & personal care
    What a great set of tools for the price! Works safe and effectively!  Comes in a nice zippered case with various sizes!  #Rankbooster #Aotearoa #Discount
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 23 Jan, 2018 | By Brenda Wells | Under beauty & personal care
    I can never have enough things like this around my house, having a large family calls for lots of personal care products as we go through them like crazy. My children all love to use blackhead tools. To be honest I had never used anything like this u...
  • Posted 21 Dec, 2017 | By Brock Domerese | Under beauty & personal care
    I purchased a similar set for my wife as she needed a set.  However, they were not a very manly color.  Despite that I continually found myself using hers as the awful standard silver ones you buy in the brick and mortar stores never have t...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 12 Dec, 2017 | By Sarah Treml-Dennis | Under beauty & personal care
    Great little set of tweezers. You can tell theyre not cheap, they have a good grip. I would order again. #sponsored #aotearoa #rankboosterreview
  • Posted 02 Dec, 2017 | By Ami Vanderhoff | Under beauty & personal care
    There is no pimple or blackhead or ingrown hair that can not be removed with one of these tools. There are 3 doubble ended tools with different ends for pressing and digging. There are also a pair of mini scissors an fingernail file and a pair of twe...
  • 4.00 / 5
    Posted 02 Dec, 2017 | By Ami Vanderhoff | Under beauty & personal care
    You get 3 very precise tweezers in a nice black case. The body of them has a nice black finish and the tips are left to shine.The ends are different on each .One is flat across, one is shaped down to a pin piont and the other is at an angle. They clo...
  • Posted 01 Dec, 2017 | By Darakh Ahmed | Under beauty & personal care
    I got this set basically for blackhead.I have tried several others too and really did notice much of a difference, it did work smoothly, did not hurt much. Lots of blackheads came off easily did not leave the dull. The good thing, other family member...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 28 Nov, 2017 | By Kymmie Ma | Under beauty & personal care
    Very nice and sharp Tweezer. It is made of stainless steel.  Comes in 3 different kind (slant/pointed/straight). Tweezers for Eyebrows Set Of Three- Includes Case With Professional Pointed Needle Nose, Slant & Straight Precision Stainless St...
  • Posted 26 Nov, 2017 | By Dawn Brockman | Under beauty & personal care
    I bought these on a whim I did not know how well they would work for me all I knew was I did not want to keep buying the cheap dollar tree ones and I did not want to pay the price walmart was asking for a really good pair so I decided to buy this set...
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