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  • Posted 15 Nov, 2020 | By Monique Nadeau | Under null
    UTTORA 2 in 1, double sided, RC Stunt Car with LED lights! It's pretty cool, the tricks, lights + optional music. I charged it for about 1.5 hrs + it was ready to go, although I haven't seen how long it'll run on a single charge, it...
  • 4.00 / 5
    Posted 10 Nov, 2020 | By Vicky Carlson | Under health & household
      Without a dryer and forgeting to use a linen bag, my winter hats and gloves got piles of lint.  While it got the job done to an acceptable degree but not entirely satisfactory, it took a great deal of going over and over. The un...
  • Posted 09 Nov, 2020 | By Alicia Summers | Under toys & games
    We do family photos each year at Thanksgiving, these are our props this year. They are so cute, nice quality, they don't feel or look cheap. I can't wait to see everyone with them on! I will update with photos after the holidays!  &nb...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 07 Nov, 2020 | By Melissa Sorenson | Under null
    This is a fun set of plain nesting dolls, all ready for painting.  I haven't painted them yet, but will have fun with it when I do.  They seem good quality.  Not too thin or flimsy.   #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #koogel
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 07 Nov, 2020 | By Melissa Sorenson | Under health & household
    This is a very nice scale.  Easy to use and looks nice.  I like that you can just step on it and don't have to zero it first.  Despite being glass, it's very sturdy. #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #hohiyo
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 06 Nov, 2020 | By Fabio Emme | Under giardino e giardinaggio
    La sveglia è in plastica trasparente, molto carino il fatto che si veda attraverso, ma metterei la possibilità di regolare la luminosità. Personalmente la trovo molto semplice intuitiva e carina, approvata. #Viralix #Amazon...
  • Posted 04 Nov, 2020 | By Vicky Carlson | Under home & kitchen
    My kids gifted me a rooster wall clock and I had it for like 10 years. It finally went kaput and I missed it alot so I got myself this to replace it. It's very close to the same design but not exactly. Anyhow it just grows on you if you'...
  • 5.00 / 5
    Posted 30 Oct, 2020 | By Vicky Carlson | Under arts
    I'm always needing to cut material.   I cannot cut a straight line ever so I finally decided to get a rotary cutter. This works really nicely. It's super easy to operate and came with extra blades!  Love this tool! #Vi...
  • Posted 26 Oct, 2020 | By Monique Nadeau | Under tools & home improvement
    #Aifeiter made a great star protector, which also plays music- through a bluetooth connection OR a SD card! It's not big, nor bulky, it's about 4", maybe 5" wide and shorter than it is wide.  It projects beautiful image...
  • Posted 26 Oct, 2020 | By Vicky Carlson | Under arts
    You can use these pencils dry or wet. The colors go on thick and rich. You can blend them up with water and the paintbrush that comes with this or just shade with color dry. They blend out well. It also comes with an eraser and a sharpener. ...
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